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verfasst am: 14.04.2005, 20:15
Registrierdatum: 08.04.2005, 19:09

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figured i'd put an english diary (well a online translation one anyway) here.
verfasst am: 14.04.2005, 20:16
Registrierdatum: 08.04.2005, 19:09

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100,000 visitors and more from Jim_Raynor 05.04.2005, 09:52
On weekend the visitor counter broke through the 100.000er mark. Reason of enough for me to write times again diary an entry. Thank you for the numerous visitors, who visit regularly the sides and actively take part. Reason to the joy gives it also with the RC5-Projekt. With current rates of on the average 500 packages per day the daily view makes for fun, above all, into the statistics doubly since thereby the position of the DS D team was strongly improved. Thus here also my most cordial thanks at all aids and aids.

Since I would not like to leave this success unbelohnt, I would like to still communicate you, what did in the last weeks everything. Thus we made now finally a planning, what must be still converted everything in the version 0.900. Our current planning assumes we will start a public test of the version at the latest June. How long the test will drag on, depends then particularly on your participation. Otherwise the current version looks well already correctly well. You may be thus strained.

To excuse I would like me also for the fact that I am not really active for the moment in the forum. At present again the point is reached, where I rather program than discussions in the forum to lead. Thus please take it not personally, if there is no feedback on your numerous suggestions. If there are really important things, then can their me also by Mail reach.

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That has one now of it... from Jim_Raynor 04.02.2005, 21:04
There one carries finally times a vernueftigen computer out and already begins itself the Inkompatibilitaeten with the own play: (. Naja always would be allowed to do a few of you the problem admits to be. The Geoscape jerk ELT quite substantial. Now I must probably find a solution for it.

Naja. In any case one thanks the x-Force RC5 team their idle running times to all those gives:)

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What has to do key search with x-Force? from Jim_Raynor 31.01.2005, 09:29
With over 160 visitors per day, I find it already somewhat sad that there is relatively little feedback. Surely it is conscious to me that most find only by coincidence here and only times briefly reinschnuppern. I interpret "relatively" the low side's number per visitor from at present about four sides however in such a way that there are many master visitors, who look only briefly after pieces of news. It is the more amazing that there is relatively little feedback. Perhaps I err also in my estimate, but more feedbacks more momentum would lend so some Freewareprojekten. However I develop x-Force, because I have fun at programming and not over before somebody to indicate or to show I am as mad.

One is pleased nevertheless, if one receives certain wages for its hard work also. Therefore I created now a possibility, how can support it x-Force. Completely anonymous and without large expenditure understands itself. The project calls itself RC5-72 of and mainly goes it cracking a 72-Bit coding. Since it is not to be created with a limited computer, this project proceeds similarly as SETI@Home. Everyone can download itself a Client, which uses the idle running time of a computer and by Brute Force all key combinations tried out. Of course the project was not furnished before me, however I already participate for over one year. Unfortunately I do not have the technical possibilities to put in a word really in front to be able, therefore I hope now to the assistance of those, which cannot support x-Force actively, but nevertheless to point would like that the work in vain is not here.

Under the RC5-Paket downloads you and obeys the instructions on the side. It is not difficult really. Package down-load, unpack and start. The idle running time of your computers is already used, in order to compute the key packages. A package always consists of 2^32 keys, which altogether 4.294.967.296 keys are. A AMD 1GHz creates about 3.5 million key per second, needs thus for a package approx.. 15-20 minutes. _ all package, which it compute, if it to the attitude nothing change, following account credit: [ dssd ] x-Force. By it I can recognize then in approximately, how large the interest in x-Force is. Thus my request to all the faithful x-Force fan: supports us with the key search and shows all Schluesselsuchern on the world, how strong the x-Force Community is.

If that does not convince you yet, then read also the story of Mario Mazet, which are founder of the German key search service with which I member.

Have their asking in addition, then asks me calmly.

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Acres the technicians bored? from Jim_Raynor 26.01.2005, 15:54
Acres the technicians bored?
RK the moment the technicians have A quite boring life. They WAIT constantly until they May set UP something. However, production is essentially slower tons buy directly as the corresponding outfit. Therefore, one considers if technicians acres needed. Result from it: many technicians become unemployed. Into the case OF the present economical situation in Germany, incoming goods approve this OF course can't. Therefore, the technicians receive more responsibility into the NEXT version OF x-Force.

On the one hand, one now requires technician for on optimally disassembly OF Alphatron. Without technicians A mine only works with 10% effectiveness. This only achieves his full service, if technicians acres assigned ton the mine with 250 ability POINTS in total.

The ufos learned with the coming version ton attack in A purposeful more manner your bases and ton destroy your expensive facilities. So that this does emergency, you have shields for defense and defense happen towers. You need tons repair OF course people around the resulted damage if the ufos manage once tons attack your cousin. Who would more better suitable there as the scientists? Correct, the technicians.:) Into the coming version the technicians can/must repair your facilities. Into this case, A technician CAN repair only one facility. True the slogan "many cooks ruin the porridge" more ever one facility CAN repaired only from one technician.

Why DO I tell that? It is nevertheless described into the cousin building concept.

After I larva it successfully, the repair by works RK the Wiki and various less Mantis of entries A week long before ME tons push, I managed the rupture yesterday and included the function OF repairing the facilities. It's emergency yet certainly very ready (A function for example is MISSINGS around all facilities RK the same time ton repare), but it would now possible ton finish the work in A quick way.

Oh of yes, Wiki. Help ton fill our on-line documentation :)

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the on-line documentation from Jim_Raynor 18.01.2005, 18:31
the on-line documentation
Who regular attended the pages wants finds to A new menu item "on-line Doku" that appeared.

How announced in [/url]a molder news contribution I would like the Wiki more under [ url=http://doc.xforce]http://doc.xforce ton the on-line documentation extend for x-Force. With the steps OF smooth integration into the existing pages I approached this destination A whole piece.

Today I've begun ton incorporate the already excisting tutorial OF Andrew Kunert into the on-line Doku. However, this always means that I can't develop x-Force.

Unfortunately I'm emergency very satisfied, the investment could some more as it is now. Solely Guardian Evil and NightelfX I CAN thank for the preparation OF some contributions. I thank Ken Persson for the English translation.

Thus my ton request all, who look and/or really interested in x-Force or only want ton make on own small contribution ton the development OF x-Force. ASSIST ton fill the on-line Doku with life. It's based on A PmWiki which processing OF all visitors the pages permits. You must emergency register of yourselves and thus must leave NO E-Mail ADDRESS. Just visit the on-line Doku, visit for example the test PAGE and click on Edit PAGE. You of acres already into the edit mode and you CAN CHANGE the PAGE optionally. You CAN thus make the same thing RK the most OTHER of pages. Only some pages (for example the start PAGE) acres closed for processing.

If you edited A PAGE, you CAN make out A of profiles PAGE directly more over you. You CAN more refer for example tons your own projects and give the corresponding left. References as that functions, I've written into the Wiki-news. You thus obtain current information which concern technique behind the on-line Doku there.

Thus once more my request, help US that on-line Doku ton extend. Newcomer wants thank you. If you have per position acceptance or ton facilitate weave in into the Wiki reassign for you into the forum, increase in order ton. The project x-Force is too large around it tons of A couple OF shoulders RK the expense OF.

P.S.: Now does my small finger hurt OF the much writing...: (

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Christmas is coming from Jim_Raynor 06.12.2004, 20:19
Christmas is coming
December began, more weather outside lets however NO right Christmas atmosphere quietly arise. Time ton make itself slow around Christmas presents thoughts. Unfortunately I don't accomblish this year, I can't make you A present into the form OF A new one version or similar one. I must concede that the development OF x-Force only went slowly into the read weeks. This has different reasons those I would emergency like ton come into here more closely.

I yet took the new basic building concept into attack and begun with conversion. Everything is certainly another A giant big construction site but one CAN RK leases now and then build the furnishings within the basis.
The basic concept is thus matched so far into the team that it is really now A question only OF detail during clarification. As soon as this is finished, incoming goods wants thus present it the public again. Perhaps this becomes the Christmas present.:)

verfasst am: 14.04.2005, 20:17
Registrierdatum: 08.04.2005, 19:09

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engtitle]The news

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The show must go on from Jim_Raynor 26.04.2004, 16:26
Despite my parting I would like to let x-Force die in no case. I invested too much in the last years in it. Therefore my next step will be, how already in the forum announced, which public with Sourceforge for source codes x-Force a little makes to prepare and. At the same time I hope that I create it the source codes under Delphi 6 personnel to compile to get.

Since without a project manager x-Force will not live on and I will continue to lead this position in no case, I would like to present the new project manager of x-Force to you:

Stephan he is called, comes from Cologne, is announced vocational project manager and in the forum under wizzerd. He transfers the responsibility for the advancement of x-Force in the future. If someone should be better or lay down Stephan for time reasons the work again, I will notice provisionally also again this role. I hope however the fact that he takes his job seriously and represents a worthy successor for me, even if he will not take over the part of the programmer. I think times that he will more frequently announce himself in next time.

Its primary goal is it as the first to prepare the source codes and to provide and a new x-Force team to arrange data and working models. I will be also member of the new team, in order to support the new programmers with training and dressing of the source codes.

I am optimistic that my parting has in the long term seen, positive effects. I would have never remembered before to make x-Force open SOURCE. Naturally it will primarily concern in the next months to bring the source codes in order and win new programmers. If this phase projected however first times, x-Force will faster come ever in front.

I will maintain also further the side and will be there for x-Force. In addition, I would like to place clearly that I enjoy my "new" life and the liberties. I will thus invest with far no longer as much time in x-Force as in former times.

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It is past from Jim_Raynor 19.04.2004, 07:18
I want to talk not for a long time around the hot mash. In the last week I have me in addition decided the work on x-Force to stop. Whether I will ever continue to develop, is questionable at this time. For the moment it looks however very bad for it. Me is this decision naturally not easily pleases. I nevertheless already program for four years at x-Force, and hang much on it. There are however several reasons, which induced me finally to this step.

1. The task became too large for me. Daniel, which carried really good work out with the play set, had to stop the work for time reasons. Ronny, which provided most diagrams and also from the outset thereby is, did not stop the work for time reasons however for private reasons. Except Tilo, which tinker industrious at the music, and Erwin, which took over thank-worth way the play set, there are none more at x-Force cooperates still actively.

2. Mehren itself increasingly the technical problems. Because I have in the letzen four years nearly always "drauf loose-chopped", the source code continued to increase always and groesstens partly only for function and not on maintenance and expandability designed. Unfortunately I thought too rarely over it since so far actually everything folded in such a way like I it introduced itself. Now I concerned however in the soil employment to one point, at which it fits simply no longer together and makes an extension only with difficulty possible.
With some frequent crashes and heavy errors does not have I an idea, that it could lie.

3. In the letzen two weeks some did in my head. The desire at programming, particularly at x-Force, was abruptly away. It gave naturally already frequent phases, in which I did not have desire on x-Force. But this time is it different. I understood that there are still different things in the life than computers. In the last week I sat so for a long time before my computer, as normally on one day and the strange is to the fact that I did not miss it little.

These three points ensured finally that I have simply no more desire x-Force further to develop. Naturally you now all will be disappointed, but I have myself why I all this still make frequently in demand. The fact that the day of the parting will come was already for a long time clear me. In addition, for me it came now a little surprisingly. Me the decision is indeed not easily pleases and I also frequently in the last two weeks about it thought. In the final result I am however honestly said glad to be able to lock this chapter of my life with more or less good conscience.

The development of x-Force brought me very much experience, particularly in the range programming. I have to get over learned good and bad times. I was more frequent in the Zoff with my friend, who applied however altogether very much Verstaendis for my "dream", for which I am very grateful their.
Now it is to be concerned for me however at the time new challenges, which do not have to do necessarily with computers.

I do not hope for your Verstaendis, since it will give surely many among you, which would have experienced gladly new versions of x-Force. I would be pleased however, if my decision accepted and can reconstruct you. Finally I am also only one humans to take tried of its life the best out.


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Test version is to Jim_Raynor at the disposal from 25.03.2004, 21:15
I made a test version available now, which represents the current conditions of the development.

Everything with those x-Force due to the error message "Win32-Fehler. Code: 87. The parameter is not correct "does not run, should the in any case test version install. Otherwise it is worthwhile itself only for those, which want to test x-Force seriously. This version is recommended in no case for pure playing.

To the Download, must be aktualsiert over the on-line Updater of the on-line Updater on the version 1.04. Afterwards the V0.841 - alpha 1 over the on-line Updater can be installed. In addition the new option "test versions must fade out" in the on-line Updater to be deactivated.

I ask to announce errors in this test version exclusively in the nose tracker. As version "V0.841-Alpha 1" should be given, so that I can assign the errors vernueftig.

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Release Candidate 3 from Jim_Raynor 25.02.2004, 22:45
Unfortunately I must after-push a further version due to an error when the selling/purchase equipment.
I hope that this will be now the last version 0.840 and I can take up the work on V0.845. Naturally only, if no further critical errors arise.

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Release Candidate 2 from Jim_Raynor 24.02.2004, 19:23
Like promised still this week an update to the recently published version 0.840. Some important nose-fixed contains.
Each user that already installed V0.840, should use the on-line Updater, in order to install the most current version.

The complete Downloadpaket was updated and corresponds to the Relase Candidate 2.

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Music on-line from Jim_Raynor 23.02.2004, 06:53
Do not know it for those yet. Belonged to our team already since long time Tilo alias uselessmind primarily around the music worries. To the version 0.840 it released its first music for the public Download. Over the on-line Updater can directly download you this music and install. The team and particularly Tilo would be pleased about feedback to the music (it fits or does not fit it not...).

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Release of the V0.840 from Jim_Raynor 22.02.2004, 17:22
Waiting has now finally an end. As promised from now on the version 0.840 can be downloaded by x-Force.

The Installtion consists now only of a set UP file, which will confidently weggeschmissen after the installation can. Future updates can be installed over the provided on-line Updater, so that on this side the most current version will only have to be found as complete package.

Beside many the nose-fixed diagram errors in the soil employment with the current Catalyst drivers (3,8 - openly) were repaired. A memory leakage was closed that regular of crashes in spaceship fights caused. The Aliens is one ticks more aggressively become and spaceships after a spaceship fight is reloaded now immediately.
The units possess now different hit zones, which affect themselves so far in differently high damage.
The laboratory was also revised, so that only the projects can be selected now for research, which want to also investigate for her.
There is to conquer also a new mission with it for your basis a Alphatron mine can. In addition the script language was extended and offers now the possibility of employments to generate.

That was only a rough overview of the new version. A complete activity log is here.
So now much fun with the new version and noted asks that the references with "which I make myself, if an error arises?" on the starting side changed.

So, and now I wish you much fun with the version 0.840 of x-Force.

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Release date stands firmly from for Jim_Raynor 16.02.2004, 22:10
The x-Force team is pleased admits to give to be able that the version 0.840 is published on Sunday the 22.02.04. This version repairs above all many errors and Inkompatibilitaeten with the current Catalyst drivers.

Thus marks you this day red in the calendar or registers themselves in the forum and activates the news type character around a Mail to receive there, if it so far is.

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Few information from a Jim_Raynor 08.02.2004, 19:34
The beta test to the version 0.840 keeps running industriously and it many errors was already found and repaired. Because I had this weekend hardly time and next will have at all no time at x-Force rum zubasteln, the releases of the final version will shift. At present I plan to make the publication in the week of 16.-22 February.

First to it some information:
1. A new installation routine
verfasst am: 14.04.2005, 20:18
Registrierdatum: 08.04.2005, 19:09

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Actually I wanted... from Jim_Raynor 19.12.2003, 15:28
... here I wanted to report starting from January of my experiences with the German Federal Armed Forces.

"unfortunately" I got today as by a miracle a letter of the military administration that I am freigstellt for one year and the summoning to January am recalled.

It means thus that I can care also next year me further for x-Force.

So that I do not have next year the same problem, I already consider myself alternatives. Perhaps I engage with the THW, there learn myself one at least still things for the life.

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Beta test to V0.835 started from Jim_Raynor 11.12.2003, 17:49
The beta test to the version 0.835 is started. Everyone that to participate would like, experiences more after logging in (also than guest) in the nose tracker. If no heavy errors arise, I will make next week available the final version 0.835. I would be pleased, if many in the beta test take part, in order to already find in the apron serious errors.

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Bugtrackingsystem on-line from Jim_Raynor 08.12.2003, 16:40
Yesterday I have a Bugtrackingsystem on-line posed in the error and feature desires to be administered. To reach can do their it here.

As anonymous users can you all contributions read. If you provide you an account, can provide it also new entries. The forum remains existing, you however would ask in the future nose in the nose tracker to announce. That makes the analysis and recovery of the errors simpler for me.
I hope it use the new possibility around x-Force to improve.

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Patch for editor and Tech Tree from Jim_Raynor 29.11.2003, 22:44
For the editor and the standard play set there is this update now. It is not compellingly necessary, should be implemented however nevertheless. It corrects an error in the editor by that the complete Tech Tree when storing the play set is lost.

Since this was only now noticeable, it concerned also the standard play set, so that no reasonable research was possible there. The play set is corrected likewise by this update.

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Tutorial the 2nd from Jim_Raynor 22.11.2003, 10:49
It gives now already an update of the Tutorials. The Download is again here. I become still this weekend the Tutorial on the Download side left, so that one sees the Tutorial directly with the Download of x-Force.

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Tutorial from Jim_Raynor 21.11.2003, 22:53
I kept a Mail with a short Tutorial even. This would like to offer I you here for the Download. The creator Andreas Kunert (thank you again) would like to extend the Tutorial. If a new version is available, I will inform you.

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Version 0.830 ready for the Download from Jim_Raynor 11.11.2003, 19:47
This time a rather short time interval to the last version. There are several reasons why I the version publishes already now.

1) get I lately rather many Mails with error files. Is actually to be marked very positively. Only unfortunately I also could evaluate an important file by a misfortune deleted around these files. Thus I could begin nothing at all with the error files. I thank nevertheless everyone that me one sent and I hope that I get further files in the future sent.

2) property I few little things implements, which simplify the entrance in x-Force. These I would not like to withhold from the many new Usern in the letzen weeks.

You find the Download like always here.

Note for english users:
With this release I removed the separated LANGUAGE files. You CAN now choose the LANGUAGE RK the beginning OF the installation. You CAN down load here version of 0.830 OF x-Force.

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english version from Jim_Raynor 01.11.2003, 22:33
Now the english version is on-line. Go ton downloads site tons of down load the LANGUAGE luggage. Ton use this LANGUAGE luggage you need version 0.825 correctly in valley LED.

I'll try ton translate the installation program with the the NEXT big releases.

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Version 0.825 available from Jim_Raynor 30.10.2003, 23:20
I published the version 0.825 somewhat at short notice. This time UFOPaedie experienced largest visible changes. Furthermore there are now Alienwaffen, which can be also investigated and used. And naturally this version repairs some errors.

A further change experienced the localization. All texts from x-Force are put down now into extra a file. Those exists possible to make and change without large problems between different languages translations.

If the Geoscape should run too slowly with or others, can under options - > Gameplay the compatibility mode activate. Unfortunately I had been able really to test no computer around this mode. Therefore I hope there for your feedback.

The english file I upload into the NEXT days.

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German Federal Armed Forces from Jim_Raynor 22.10.2003, 15:08
Up to the conclusion I hoped. But now they got me nevertheless. To 5.1.2004 I may complete mine for 9 months basic military service. That means it naturally that I will not have next year thus much time for x-Force and above all the InterNet sides. I hope zumindestens that I have time and desire in the barracks after end of office hours for programming.

I can be surprised simply times which to me come there and x-Force will not certainly give up in this time. It is nevertheless my life's work and its life's work gives up as it were one only reluctantly. I continue to hold you up to date.

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Release of the version 0.820 from Jim_Raynor 06.10.2003, 10:32
The Download to the version 0.820 stands absofort ready. It gives now ammunition belts for the soldiers, in the soil employment can to rocket launchers be used now and some options was added.
To make naturally also again many errors settled around x-Force more stable.

For english users: At English version is thus available. Please READ the installation Instruction on the down load PAGE. You CAN use the forum ton report error or problem.

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X-Force becomes internationally from Jim_Raynor 22.09.2003, 20:00
With release of the version it will give first times a nearly completely English version to 0.820 to the Download. Approx.. 80 % of the texts are already translated. Otherwise I can report that the conversion of the editor and the data structures lying behind is terminated.

Now it goes to testing, since insignificant parts did not change. All in all I count on release in the middle of Octobers.

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A small however fine update of the InterNet sides from Jim_Raynor 08.09.2003, 20:49
I took myself and according to the news type character function from yesterday can times again something time for the InterNet sides it the sides now in a new Design admire. To everything a uniform Look to lend, I will adapt the forum in the next days also to the new conditions.
Suggestions, remarks and also criticisms know you in the forum loose will.

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Programmer for simple editor searched from Jim_Raynor 08.09.2003, 06:42
For the implementation of different soldier classes an editor for these must be developed. Information which this editor of everything carry out find you must in this forum contribution.

Which gives it as "reward": Now, when Freeware will not give it to project material reward. However receive to it an entry in the Credits. Naturally may to everyone you then also with pride report that helped her x-Force in front zubringen.

Why don't I program that? On the one hand I would like to give you the chance to prove which it can and on the other hand give it so much at x-Force to do that I am grateful over each assistance.

With which is are programmed: Now that is rather all the same. Preferably in Delphi, but C++ or Visual basic are also okay.

If someone from you interest has this editor to thus develop, then it may announce itself please to me.

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News type character function from Jim_Raynor 07.09.2003, 21:46
Each registered user in the forum can activate news type character now. In addition it only the appropriate option in the forum profile must be activated. You have thereby the free choice whether news type character only with a new version or want to keep it general.

Thus are then always you on the newest conditions, if something with x-Force does.

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verfasst am: 14.04.2005, 20:19
Registrierdatum: 08.04.2005, 19:09

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V0.810 is there from Jim_Raynor 29.08.2003, 20:06
The update to the version V0.810 is available immediately for the Download. Information which you are changed as always direct with the Downloads. _ if it problem be, or it otherwise something loose will like then visit the forum.

If someone has Intresse x-Force to supporting, then it can announce itself also to me.

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New forum from Jim_Raynor 23.08.2003, 23:12
There is now a new forum. I hope that it you please.

The old can reach you here. I ask to provide you to however only in the new forum of contributions.

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Own Domain from Jim_Raynor 23.08.2003, 18:05
Since today the InterNet sides are attainable under www.xforce (generous teammate thanks) to that. You do not have to go now I to no more the detour over the vu Domain.

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Search still support from Jim_Raynor 08.08.2003, 20:27
Since my abilities are limited nearly only to programming, I would create gladly a kind x-Force developer team. Since a team consists only badly of a person, I hope for active support from your side. Unfortunately I have hardly experience, which concerns teams over the InterNet, so that it could become somewhat difficult at the beginning. But I am optimistic that we will together pack it.

Above all I look for support with the diagram, the sound and the music and for the conceptional side. It means conceptional with the fact that we discuss together the story, research tree, Game Balancing etc..

Everyone that interest has, can by Mail announce themselves or in the forum write.
Only which is needed, is little creativity, much perseverance, still more patience and something spare time.

Particularly to be searched concept draughtsmen, who ideas to weapons, Aliens, spaceships etc. and these on paper to bring to have been able. The commercial artist would make the concept design available then also in used perfect quality for x-Force.

Naturally everyone can deliver a suggestion has or only so times its comment would like, an entry in the forum to make.

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Update the 2nd from Jim_Raynor 01.08.2003, 15:39
Who already drew and installed the update, this must download unfortunately still times (the devil had itself times again eingeschlichen).Sollte the error with wrong version for the update to come, must it the beiligende Registry file import. Otherwise can wegschmeissen you this file.

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Update orders from Jim_Raynor 01.08.2003, 10:43
I made available an update for x-Force. It repairs an error in the round-based soil employment, which to it led that the round of the Aliens was not locked (see forum).
Then there were still a few little things, still times on the Download side described its. Much fun when playing.

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Which for a long time lasts becomes finally well from Jim_Raynor 19.07.2003, 17:20
Some of you rightfully it will have thought that x-Force dead. That is it however not. In order to prove this, I placed a new version now for over one year times again ready for the Download.
I hope that you the new version please and it many new suggestions and improvement suggestions give.

Much fun with try and are available for problems I now again in the forum.

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X-Force lives still (really!) from Jim_Raynor 06.11.2002, 11:18
How one can see, any longer much does not do at my side. Unfortunately I have it lately miss new information on my side to publish. But can to me you believe, if I write that I work with high pressure on x-Force.

I see no sense publishing however therein the current version. At present is still difficult it to handle, so that the few from you to it will have fun. If the current version want to naturally see and play it, can write their me a Mail. Then I can probably put the newest version to you at the disposal.

To put down I however to try again increases information in the diary. The next version, which I regularly publish, will then carry hopefully the version number 1,0. Up to then it is however still another difficult and stony way.

In order to hold you up to date, here times briefly the features, which were implemented in the soil employment:
Formations, in which the soldiers arrange themselves

dead units leave articles, which can be used again by other units

Soldiers do not block themselves any longer so frequently mutually (automatic avoiding with close passages)

equipping the soldiers is made now completely by Drag'n'Drop

naturally there also many nose-fixed which was I in the detail does not describe here
At the play likewise some improved:

Monitoring of the job market
There is now the possibility soldier, scientist and technician automatically anzuheuern, if they possess the indicated minimum abilities. Partial annoying improving of the coworkers saves by acquisition of new coworkers. The monitoring can be specified for each basis individually.
Fast shop of the last stored spielstandes

Nose-fixed and beauty corrections

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Teleportation in the soil employment from Jim_Raynor 13.07.2002, 12:31
In the vacation I thought some the soil employment. Sometime in the forum I had specified that the units are teleportiert from the spaceship to the soil employment. I made myself the following considerations now:

At the beginning of the employment the units can be teleportiert on the combat place. It is not compellingly necessarily to be teleportieren thereby all units into use. Naturally it will give also a possibility this to settle automatically.
During combat the units also high and down can be teleportiert. On the spaceship the units can be supplied then with new equipment. In order to prevent that one will give by the teleportieren within a short time the entire area to examine, it a restriction with the Teleporter to employment. I thought there in such a way of an action in 30 seconds and/or per round.
If the employment is to be broken off, all units must be in the spaceship. The units still at the soil are are otherwise lost.

Who has references, suggestions, criticisms or questions to this idea can to me a Mail send or in the forum write.

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Attack of the killer ants from Jim_Raynor 02.06.2002, 18:47
After that the largest part Wochendes with the conversion to PHP draufgegangen now is, wants I you now with a new screen SHOT to please. There I could represent now eindlich times a dying animation for a Alien. You can use times the new comment function. That would make me happy much.

After which I changed now the Screenshots over to PHP, in next time which will follow surely more frequently.

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And still times PHP from Jim_Raynor 01.06.2002, 22:05
So, and again an improvement of the InterNet sides by PHP. Now can you own comments to the Screenshots deliver. To finding in each case under the screen SHOT on the appropriate side.

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Screenshots now also PHP from Jim_Raynor 31.05.2002, 20:39
So, I changed the Screenshots over now also completely to PHP. The on the left of everything was updated. If you should discover a "dead one" left, I ask to send you to me a Mail.

[ Write A COMMENT ]

Still more PHP from Jim_Raynor 31.05.2002, 00:00
So after I yesterday already changed the news over to PHP, now also the Tipps and cheat changed over. I hope that it in the future again more Tipps to x-Force give now.

The navigator on the left and on the right is not changed over however yet to PHP. These left lead further to the HTML sides. I will change the navigator over on the coming weekend.
Times sees, what I still everything to PHP will change over.

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News by PHP from Jim_Raynor 30.05.2002, 00:00
So now I changed finally times my news system over to PHP. I hope by the fact that I can send news contributions more frequently now.

[ Write A COMMENT ]

Current Screenshots from Jim_Raynor 05.05.2002, 08:20
There are now three new Screenshots of the current conditions. These show among other things the improved shade process and the general map in the soil employment.

The third screen SHOT shows the revised employment screen. The special to the fact is that programming was made not by me, but by my friend. Particularly I am pleased that I have now someone, which can help me with programming.

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verfasst am: 14.04.2005, 20:19
Registrierdatum: 08.04.2005, 19:09

 Beiträge: 67
Long it is... from Jim_Raynor ago 06.04.2002, 08:25
... it a new version gave. But now V0.192 is made available to the Download. In this version there are substantial changes with the spaceships. Each spaceship possesses now an individual sensor range. This range can be increased by extensions however. In later versions one will be able to improve different attributes of a spaceship by the extensions still.
The section for the loading and unloading spaceships was also changed over. This now permits a faster and simpler administration to that equipping.
Before a soil employment the soldiers can be individually equipped now. Depending upon strength of a soldier, these can more or less carry. In addition should be respected drauf, into which hand a weapon is packed. The soldier does not carry a weapon in his weapon hand sinks in such a way hit security for this weapon.
Already times as small Vorgeschmack on which you expected, I have three new Screenshots from the newest version to to look at made available.
In this version also the mission editor is directly provided. It was revised completely and offers now many new functions. At best you looks at you it.

[ Write A COMMENT ]

New of the front from Jim_Raynor 27.02.2002, 08:27
At present I concern myself with the equipping of the soldiers before a soil employment. To equip to it the Missionsbriefing screen changed around there the soldiers.
Revised I also the mission editor. There it is to be provided now many simple missions and particularly to tests. The on-line assistance for the new editor also one revises.

On my side there is a new range now. There their Stories finds and background to x-Force. There you find the history of Alphatron.

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New version publishes from Jim_Raynor 03.02.2002, 00:00
There are now again many innovations in the soil employment. It is to be selected now before each employment possible between round-be based and real time. Then there is now also the first version of the interface in the soil employment. So far still without diagrams, but one can select thereby fast the soldiers and by doubleclicks on these to center.

The combat simulator was also completely revised. A risers will kill no more by the abundance of the attitudes now and in addition will know ship configurations to be stored.
Unfortunately there was an error in the autostart, so that this must be also updated (archives are appropriate for the Zip with). Brings closer information to the update like always into the Downloads.

[ Write A COMMENT ]

Status of the V0.191 from Jim_Raynor 22.01.2002, 00:00
At present I advance rather well.

I arranged now the combat simulator on new by reason, so that newcomers will not kill by the many attitude possibilities. There also spaceship configurations can be stored now, in order to play later still times with the same ship configuration.
Then I provided now a new mission, which introduces and demonstrates some extensions at the scripts language. By this mission can you a few articles of equipment win.
Not too forgotten the soil employment is natural. There there are numerous improvements, which I do not want to enumerate now all. After mine the most important improvement is round-based the selection between real time and. You have now before each soil employment the possibility between real time a play, which more Action brings, or a round-based play, which your strategy demands, to select.

When I can publish the version, is still located in the stars.

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Download for V0.190 is there... from Jim_Raynor 08.01.2002, 00:00
.. and it comes with many innovations and improvements, particularly in the spaceship fight and in the soil employment. Ersteinmal to the soil employment: The first change are the lines of sight. These can look at you you on the screen SHOT from 29 December. The second change is, as in the forum mentions, running. Finally the soldiers can run correctly by the maps and to be around-floated before not as. This alone is to be pulled a reason the V0.190. But that was long not yet everything. Also in the spaceship fight enormously somewhat did.
On the one hand there is a beautiful explosion now, if it the UFO abgeknallt. On the other hand the laser weapon was optically also revalued. And then participates now finally a few sound in the fight also. All in all it makes more fun for the uFOs now still much into the ass stepping. It is worthwhile itself in any case, if you download the x-Force package now. _ natural enter it also the in or other small change, which it in Downloadbereich still times exact reread can.

Oh, and as perhaps already saw it, will I each week a small now type to x-Force to publish. The current type always finds it on the Home side. Archives are in the right navigator of the left Tipps and cheat.

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New Screenshots from Jim_Raynor 29.12.2001, 00:00
Briefly before the turn of the year and the euro - chaos again two current Screenshots from the spaceship fight and a screen SHOT from the soil employment. You should regard it to you, it is certainly worthwhile oneself. The spaceship fight was extended now also by sound, so that it still more fun makes the uFOs from the starlit sky now to to get.

Also otherwise in the last days much changed in x-Force. The performance was improved strongly and some errors were repaired.

And at all programmers and not programmer a good slide in the new year.

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New version V0.189 from Jim_Raynor 11.12.2001, 00:00
As promised, I finished the new version still in this year. Now finally possible several Basen are to be developed, in order to be able to exert thereby a still larger influence on the Alien activities. It is to be selected now also possible in the autostart (new version is with the update with) between 24 bit and 16 bit depth of shade. I cannot promise however that the 24 bits version on all computers is executable. If necessary one must use the 16 bit color mode. At best it the new version downloads you equivalent here . For problems can send their like always a Mail to me.

I estimate times that it was now the last version in this year. For the V0.190 I will concern myself again times with the soil employment. Planned I that as well as the soldiers really run genuine lines of sight.

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Play set of Erdem2K from Jim_Raynor 30.11.2001, 00:00
Erdem2K dispatched its newest play set now to me. I made these available for you in x-Force Stuff to the Download.

The conversion to the building of new Basen precedes well. How long it lasts up to the new version, I cannot say yet. There are still some complex problems in the case of the conversion, where I determines some time with will spend. But I am optimistic that the new version will be available before the turn of the year still.

[ Write A COMMENT ]

New layout from Jim_Raynor 26.11.2001, 00:00
After meet-long work the new layout of my side is finally finished. I hope that this layout arrives still better than the old. It gives still another few small problems with the Netscape navigator, but this I am gotten certainly still into the grasp.

[ Write A COMMENT ]

What's UP from Jim_Raynor 19.11.2001, 00:00
It is now times again time for a Updade. With the development of the version 0.189 I concentrate on two points:

Building of up to eight Basen
Misalignment of the information (Credits, occupied area) to the upper edge of screen
The misalignment of the information is already final, so that I can concentrate now on the first point.

With the Screenshots there are now three new Screenshots. These show the easily changed interface and the building of a new basis.

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X-Force in the V0.188 from Jim_Raynor 04.11.2001, 00:00
It is now finally created. The version 0.188 is now finished.
Also with it the basis defense by defense mechanisms and the Pathfinding are in the soil employment. In the editor range and firing frequency for defense mechanism can be indicated now. For spaceship weapons there is now also a maximum weapon range. And naturally again some smaller things changed. Details in addition with the Download.

[ Write A COMMENT ]

Conditions of the things from Jim_Raynor 22.10.2001, 00:00
The work on the next version precedes. At present I work on the basis defense, in order to give to defense towers and CO a function. If I am finished thereby, I will implement probably still Pathfinding into the soil employment. After I created then, I will times high-load the new version.

In the forum there is a new point ' inquiry ' now apart from the function ' searches '. There I will start in the future different inquiries.

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X-Force version 0.187 from Jim_Raynor 02.10.2001, 00:00
The version 0.187 is available now for the Download . Also the mission editor was extended and should be downloaded.
Beside some nose-fixed in the play there are also some new functions. Thus the spaceships are made smaller now, if the distance between UFO and spaceship becomes larger. So now still more place is for maneuvering. Also objects from other play corroding in the combat simulator can be used now.
There are also some possibilities in the script language. The exact changes can be reread in the assistance file to the mission editor. The script ' the hunt ' demonstrates the new functions of the language. In addition, this script is a nice extension, for all to only play and not even program wants.

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verfasst am: 14.04.2005, 22:34

Registrierdatum: 16.03.2005, 19:09

 Beiträge: 44
Pretty nice. Maybe it should be stickied or give a more obvious appereance, such as a link on the index ;)
verfasst am: 02.06.2005, 08:50
Registrierdatum: 08.04.2005, 19:09

 Beiträge: 67
Pieces of news from Jim_Raynor Today, 07:58
I know. Actually I wanted again more in the diary post. But somehow that always does not fold. Naja, the most important piece of news first: it precedes. Version 0.900 takes form and as promised still this month (if nothing comes between them) a test version is slowly correctly made available. With that still some things will be missing (for example a few diagrams), however should the function range then be so far programmed, so that a public test is worthwhile itself at all. The changes are meanwhile so much that I do not get those more all together.

1. Erstmal was arranged new the complete building of bases. Read in addition the concept of building of bases.
2. The dissolution was increased to 800x600, whereby most administrative screens were adapted. A few Screenshots in addition were gepostet.
3. The soldier equipping simplified, as used ammunition is summarized automatically, used ammunition in the basis camp to be put down can and the soldiers after an employment with shells and ammunition again be supplied automatically.
4. In x-script, which became script language x-Force, now a further step toward the implementation correct story made, in which in the play set the Skripte is put down and with different Events (terminated for example research) is automatically implemented. Past with so far excluding coincidence-steered Skripten.
5. The mission editor was drilled out also strongly and the autocompletion was now substantially improved.
6. The play sentence editor was adapted optically and the examinations when storing play set were extended. If their still idea/reference to the examination play-corrodes has, then only ago with it.
7. Naturally also innumerable of nose and crash causes was repaired, so that the coming version runs hopefully more stably (I know that legend I with each new version)

Sounds oneself now first times little, however these are only the roughest changes. Who throws times a view in the CHANGE log, the unbelievable mass at changes will see. And there are not times all in it.

On the whole I hope that waiting for the new version is worthwhile itself.

Further I would like to point out that the on-line documentation lives to the largest part of you. As soon as the test version outside is, I hope for freiwillige, who adapt and above all extend the documentation to the new version. For all, which would like themselves to employ more near with x-script, the view is into the on-line documentation obligation. Beside a Tutorial is there also the complete x-script reference. The sketch of the reference (table of contents and the descriptions of type of parameter declaration) are generated by machine. The sketch must be only supplemented now around the descriptions of the individual functions. I hope also here for your active assistance.

The moreover one I cannot pinch it me to deal again with the key search project. Here there is a new Client, which increases the performance with AMDs over up to 5% after long time. With Intel CPUs the increase nevertheless still is at 1-2%. I updated the RC5 package. The active Cruncher must only again download the package and update the old EXE with the new from ZIP archives. Here my most cordial thanks go to all active Cruncher. Durschnittlich of 460 packages/day fall not simply in such a way from the sky and are for the German key search service a strong enriching. I am really positively surprised that you, which stands for fans of x-Force, after over four months always still faithfully to the project and did not remove the daily achievement noticeably. The more does it to me wrong that I worry so few about you and price gives only sporadically new information. But I can only apologize.

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verfasst am: 26.06.2005, 18:56
Registrierdatum: 08.04.2005, 19:09

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Play-corrode ready... from Natter 24.06.2005, 00:44
version 0.900 always moves closer, thus highest time to become finally with the "official" play corroding (you have correctly read, there stands plural, but makes you happy not too early;D) finished. It is straight 0:10 o'clock, and I finally the work to default.pak locked. After the many innovations in the play ne quantity was work. There new values had to be assigned to all weapons (accuracy gibts for weapons no more in the old form) and the firing modes partly required an adjustment. There then were many well-known nose, which had partly again to be repaired, because I had overwritten the most current play sentence version with a new installation. Finally beglueckte John's us with new diagrams, which would background after initial difficulties with are finally also eingarbeitet. For all hard core players, who play more than one year, I still another further UFO inserted, which might surely prepare some problems (* evilgrin *). however so far come could in the new version to become clearly more difficult. I assume anyhow that by the changes at the play the degree of difficulty rose clearly see (times whether someone can successfully master the difficulty stage "very heavily"), without which for it a call-worth reconciliation was created. Ok one, some small simplifications gives it already, parent ships has now e.g. only max one. 30 Aliens crew. The truth will show in the long run the beta test, since I did not really try the whole out yet (simply the time is missing to me to play so long). Beyond that it will give second offizielen play set to 0.900 in version still another. All of the story to think now I must however entaeuschen, an appropriate play set come surely only if all other important play elements are finished. No, here it concerns which other one. As it surely already all know, it is to be integrated starting from v0.900 possible Skripte directly into the play set. Since in default.pak however as well as no Skripte (there are only an introduction and 2 the old Zufallsskripte), does not threaten this feature not the Anerkenung is used to get, those it actually earns. In my eyes this represents the change in v0.900, most important with distance. Why? Completely simply, only by it there is a possibility in each play set to integrate now serious story. In short, which must new functions somehow are demonstrated, so that all the play sentence authors make use there outside from the new possibilities. For this purpose I work on a small Tutorial Spielsatz, which makes strong use of x-script. Unfortunately I do not have time due to lining up diploma examinations to really finish this I straight times up to the section soil missions came (in addition, is not yet finished). Nevertheless the Tutorial should be able to obtain a first impression already now over the use of Skripten. [ Write A COMMENT ]
RK the weekend is the long awaited day... from Jim_Raynor 23.06.2005, 11:45 RK
the weekend is the long awaited day...... and we'll start the beta test for the version 0.900. Unfortunately, it which emergency possible ton publish A new version more earlier (with emergency so much CHANGES). There were too many kettle OF fish and CHANGE. I hope that it's worth ton of WAIT and that you wants GET A new feeling OF game playing. Incoming goods hope ton improve our organization OF the SOURCE code, then that it want possible ton publish new version in A shorter time after the the finally releases OF V0.900. But I won't pledge anything. [ Write A COMMENT
verfasst am: 27.06.2005, 14:04
Registrierdatum: 08.04.2005, 19:09

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We need your assistance (which whole simple) from Jim_Raynor Today, 08:17
In the context of the continuous beta test it turned out now three days that the substantial changes to the fact that only little money lead into the cashes comes. In order to provide times an overview, how much support for won engagements is meaningful, I ask to dispatch us to you your spielstaende. At the auxiliaryhanded are spielstaende, which were stored the weekend ago (in play time naturally) briefly. With the beta 3 also times one weekend ago will auto+save briefly introduce, so that it becomes simpler for you.

Please help us to receive the necessary data for a vernueftiges Balancing.

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verfasst am: 16.08.2005, 00:37
Registrierdatum: 08.04.2005, 19:09

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V0.900 beta 6 is on-line from Jim_Raynor 29.07.2005, 18:46
V0.900 beta 6 is on-line
Again, it's getting quite here. Since more than two weeks NO new beta version, NO news article. But nevertheless incoming goods used the time ton repair galore errors into the V0.900. Therefore, it becomes time for the sixth beta version (and perhaps the read one).

I CAN only guess each OF you tons of updates ton the new beta version and those, who got quietly the V0.845 should take the time ton of down load the beta version. The V0.900 has achieved A state which is noticeably more stable than V0.845. I recommend everybody tons of down load the V0.900. However, the version 0.845 is off-talk quietly for downloading, ' cause the Vss.900 is A beta version and old game sets of acres NO more compatible with the V0.900. Provided that NO more great problem wants occure, this wants the read beta version and the the NEXT releases quietly wants V0.900 without beta status.

Now the moment has come, that the on-line documentation for the rearrangement on the verson 0,900 is activated. Therefore, I want everybody OF you who which occupied already more closely with the V0.900 ton adapt quietly the chapters OF the on-line documentation ton the new version. Incoming goods thank you, that you take A plumb bob OF work from US and the players want thank you because as A result they receive aid ton the game. True ton the slogan: from players tons players.

Roofridge OF all, I want ton say thank you all OF you who created new game sets within A short by iodine OF time for the version 0.900 (available by using the on-line more updater). Without thesis specially staff, x-Force would become boring.

I want ton say thank you ton all OF you who help RK the key search project into to actice way. X-Force of takes part in it since helped A year and of does now GET the roofridge more silver medal.

Now enough OF words and have A plumb bob OF fun with the read round OF the beta test. And please pay attention for the advices RK the start PAGE when you've got at error.

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verfasst am: 07.09.2005, 06:28
Registrierdatum: 08.04.2005, 19:09

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Pieces of news of the beta test from Jim_Raynor 14.08.2005, 13:35
X-Force: Fight For Destiny has to be it times again production on a prominent magazine represented. This time it is the Gamestar, which published a special edition with some cult Remakes. Also with it is among other things also x-Force. Publish there is the beta 5 the V0.900.

Of the beta test gibts also again pieces of news. After various problems with the beta 6, for which also the two "Hotfixes" did not help anything, I published now nevertheless again beta 7. I hope that thereby the problems with crashes after a soil employment and the various errors in the air lanes took care of themselves. Altogether I must say that I am nevertheless very content with the result of the V0.900. Many errors from the earlier versions, which I could not explain myself, are repaired. Apart from the beta 6 there were relatively few aborts. I hope that the problems from the beta 6 in the beta 7 are repaired, so that I can define 0.900 into until two weeks now finally the version as final. Which means that the version is not offered 0.845 no more for the Download.

However the experience shows that only with release the final 0,900 the test takes place in the mass. So it can quite happen that heavy errors are found also still after the beta test. I hope that I prepared everything so far that also then still nose-fixed can to be able to be made available for V0.900 and parallel on the next version be worked.
verfasst am: 01.10.2005, 13:48
Registrierdatum: 08.04.2005, 19:09

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Beta 8 available from Jim_Raynor 27.09.2005, 16:23
Who uses regularly the on-line Updater (config.exe), it will have perhaps received that the V0.900 beta 8 was published yesterday. In contrast to the beta 7 could be repaired again a few (partial) serious of nose. I hope that are repaired at the most frequent arisen error.

The beta test goes meanwhile into the fourth month and it is frightening like fast the time passed. I am however the firm conviction that this long phase worked satisfactorily. The version 0.900 will place all earlier versions in things stability and extent into the shade. Some important points were concerned, which are important for the future of x-Force. Nichtsdesto despite gives to do it to still much. But zumindestens the version 0.900 should really approach now the final.
verfasst am: 26.10.2005, 16:08
Registrierdatum: 08.04.2005, 19:09

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On-line updates V1.10, ADD Ons and server loss of Jim_Raynor 24.10.2005, 08:06
For yesterday evening the on-line Updater is available in the version 1.10. Beside the announcement installation listing (to the avoidance of problems with parallel installations) and an improvement while the loading of the language files, can be indicated now to each update homepage. Background of this change is that an ADD on creators on one September-guess/advise to side information to the ADD on make available can. Is planned to make this (simplicity for the sake of) in the on-line documentation. In addition I will provide a new category "ADD Ons", in which the ADD Ons creator can work on the information without large expenditure.

How many of you surely received, there were longer losses of the Website on weekend. A cause was a hardware defect with the carrier of my Hosters (http://www.all by the all Webpraesenzen of allinclusive and other Hostern is enough time was not attainable. I hope times that these problems are repaired now and such long losses do not arise again.

[ write comment ]
verfasst am: 05.05.2006, 21:40
Registrierdatum: 08.04.2005, 19:09

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The scripteditor, the lust and god and the world from Jim_Raynor 21.11.2005, 11:07
How was it with the lust at programming and the last news article? I only do what I want :). Right and this I've done in the last days and weeks. The result is version 0.902 which has no nameable error (I don't know such of them) and this version has get some more functions compareed to version 0.900. The development pack has also get some new functions and will further be advanced.

Nevertheless, the next main version makes progresses. Now known as V0.910, the big changes will be maked here. Minor increments and bugfixes will be directly done in the V0.90x arm. Meanwhile the parallel development functions quite good and we can give you regularly some interim versions and we can develop the next main version. That has the advantage for you, that the waiting time will be shorter to new versions and that we have more time for the next main version.

You see, some things are done and will be done at X-Force. Especially X-Script, Pascal Script (named as PS in the following), and the script editor keep the motivation high at the moment. It's fascinating which possibilities those script languages offer. It's a real challenge to create an IDE (Integrated Development Environment; at X-Script the script editor), which supports you by developing new scripts. Functions like Code-Sense and Param-Sense can't be mentioned away in a modern IDE. To programm this on your own, shows all that in another light. Yes, I can say: I'm proud of the script editor, with that you already can debug. The decision for PS was one of my important decisions; it makes the increment X-script much more easier and increases the possibilities.

And now, after hours of hacking I've implemented a function in PS, which many PS users have waited for. Support for "uses". Pascal-followers know what's mentioned. For the others: Now there is the possibility via uses to bind scripts into already excisting scripts, to make available global functions which will be used in several scripts. An example: the example function GetRandomItem. At the moment this function has to be copied in every script which might use the function. When changing the function, every script has to be changed. With the "uses" support, this funtion can be sourced out in a zentral script. Each script that needs this function, only binds in the zentral script. You also can declare constants, which could be used in several missionscripts without administer the constants in a several way.
At the moment this happens quite good and the debugging and the whole extra functions like Code-Sense and Param-Sense get on with that.

This really had something of hacking what I did with the sources of PS. I'm quite confident that the result will be presented in the PS Newsgroup after a code review of the PS compiler. If you're still using PS in your projects and you're already waiting for an intelligent support of "uses", than have a look at the newsgroup in the next days and look for an article from me :).

Cause of being a big change, I will activate the unit-support with version V0.910. The first results are satisfactorily and until now there were no problems, but I'll do an extensive test with that.

Sounds all a bit egoistic and after the motto: "oh, I'm so beautiful" :) But sorry, I take the right to me to be proud of the things I've done. Cause this is already a part of motivation :)

P.S.: For a diary article very large, but it's a personal statement and so it's right here and not in the news :)

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verfasst am: 05.05.2006, 21:43
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Excerpts from "the unlimited possibilities a script language" from Natter 28.04.2006, 14:01 "... General Smirkovich stared with dark mine into the evening sun. The lining up decision rested heavily on it. A squadron of hostile bombers flew on the base too. It had let establish in the last weeks shields and rocket towers, but the time did not become is enough. A so clenched attack would put the base "last hope" in few minutes in debris and ash. It nothing different one remained to loose-dispatch than the hunters in order to intercept the bombers. Perhaps but would equal a death sentence for hundredthousands civilians in united Europe. The mischief announcing flying giant, ever the more to the European continent approached saw it not for the first time it was one of the few survivors from the "day of black death", the beginning of this war. 90% of the population of the North American continent lost at that time in only 12 hours it live. In the meantime mankind was better prepared, but the only way to prevent a gigantic blood bath consisted of attacking the enemy before it could set its ground troops off. General Smirkovich had to make a decision. And it had to meet it soon... " Excerpt from "the unlimited possibilities a script language" [ Write A COMMENT ]

Weihnachtsgruesse from Jim_Raynor 23.12.2005, 18:27 in this way I would like to wish to all visitors of the x-Force sides a besinnliches Christmas and a few calm holidays. Depending upon like I time have, gibts after the holidays still another additional weihnachtsgeschenk:) [ Write A COMMENT
verfasst am: 12.08.2020, 10:30
Registrierdatum: 12.08.2020, 10:25

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verfasst am: 02.03.2021, 10:37
Registrierdatum: 02.03.2021, 10:32

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Canon is known for precise printing capabilities and canon InkJet printers are the epitome of perfection. If you are trying the canon IJ setup, then fortunately you have landed at the right place. The first step in printer setup is to install the printer on your computer by downloading the drives from the Canon support website. There you will need to put the model number, choose the operating system version and click download drivers. After downloading finishes, go to the Download folder, double-click on the printer installer files, follow the on-screen instructions to finish the printer setup. Follow the same step for Mac or Windows to get canon on your system.

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