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 X-Force - Fight For Destiny - Forum —› Verbesserungsvorschläge/Ideen —› Huawei Enhanced MSTP Transmission Solution

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verfasst am: 19.06.2018, 08:55
Registrierdatum: 15.11.2016, 02:54

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Huawei Enhanced MSTP Transmission SolutionOn April 28th, at the sharing meeting of Ningbo Rail Transit Enhanced MSTP Transmission Solutions with the theme of "Light to Light, Towards Simplicity", Huawei, the world's leading supplier of information and communication solutions, and Ningbo Rail Transit Group jointly shared Ningbo. Achievements and ideas for the construction of Metro Line 2 and demonstration of Huawei's innovative enhanced MSTP solution in the field of metro communications.Huawei Gigabit Ethernet Switch S5700 28X Li Ac Manageable Network SwitchHuawei's enhanced MSTP solution enables a unified network of all services such as LTE, video surveillance, and PIS to be implemented and implemented in the Ningbo Metro project. Nearly a hundred subway industry customers and industry experts from across the country came to watch the seminar.New Products Huawei S2750 20Tp Pwr Ei Ac 16 Port Gigabit Switch With PoeAs the basic network of subway communication, the optical transport network needs to provide safe and reliable data channels for other communication subsystems and plays a vital role. Huawei's innovative enhanced MSTP solution adopts the "universal switching" architecture, which enables unified bearer of TDM services and packet services on one device, and combines the core technology of "smart line cards" to provide single-port 40G and above bandwidths. It not only realizes the mixed transmission of TDM and packet services by a single pair of optical fibers, but also realizes the physical isolation of each service subsystem, making them mutually independent, without affecting each other, and greatly improving the security of the network system.Huawei VOA SSE2VOA01 for Huawei OptiX BWS 1600GIn addition, the enhanced MSTP solution adopts the industry-leading MPLS-TP technology to solve the limitations of the traditional RPR technology in the development of the industrial chain, ring network bandwidth, and service scheduling. It has the unique advantages of large bandwidth, flexible networking, and easy scheduling. It is more suitable for carrying the subway business.Huawei Access Equipment Ma5608T Gpon Olt Optical Transmission Devices
verfasst am: 28.10.2021, 09:33
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