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 X-Force - Fight For Destiny - Forum —› Allgemein —› x-force its really dead?

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verfasst am: 19.04.2004, 09:32
Übersetzer (spain)

Registrierdatum: 20.02.2004, 12:40

 Beiträge: 20
Hi, I read the last news about the end of X-force (if I translated well from german). I think that is a grief cos I thinked when I played .830 version that X-force will be the best ufo free-game type.

I work a little translated text to spanish and I tried to know more about the project reading forum, cos I believed in x-force.

Christian: its your life, and you decide, you have the power. Thanks to give me a little more of UFO and good luck.
verfasst am: 19.04.2004, 18:57 · Edited by: Pirate

Registrierdatum: 24.08.2003, 15:20

 Beiträge: 66
Yes, it's dead for now. I know it is a pity, but everything must find an end. There will of course be a lot of disappointment that X-Force's end is not a good one with a complete final release.
But anyone can be ensured that this was no easy decision for us. As Christian already mentioned we invested a damn lot of time in this game and I think we can be proud of what we have achieved, even if we didn't finish it.
But after nearly four years of working more or less concentrated on it, it was time to reconsider the priorities. It is damn hard to have a full-time job, then spend most of the free time in front of a dumb machine creating cgi and in addition to that, lead a private life.
That's why I decided to leave the team some days ago. It was hard for me to tell Christian my decision, but as I learned today, he thinks the same way. And so, that's it.

So goodbye folks. It was nevertheless a great time.

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