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 X-Force - Fight For Destiny - Forum —› English - general discussions —› Ground combat feature requests

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verfasst am: 07.08.2005, 04:54
Registrierdatum: 07.08.2005, 04:41

 Beiträge: 2
First off, I flippin' love this game. It has some things going for it that X-COM did not (designed to be modified, hooks for multiplayer, character-development aspects for technicians and scientists as well as soldiers - and a mucn more detailed development set-up than I remember X-COM having), but is still plainly an homage to that great game.

However, there are a couple things that X-COM had that I really think this game should steal.

I have to second the request made before for 3-D, multi-level gameplay on the ground, although I hope I can put it with a little more tact than some people put it before.

Having to worry about aliens hiding in the floor above, or sniping from third-story windows, etc. would add another great dimension to the game. I apologize if this is beating a dead horse.

The other thing that I haven't really heard any (english-speaking, anyway) players bring up is the ability to shoot at stuff that isn't an alien body. Maybe I just haven't been able to figure out how, but while I can sometimes wrangle a hand grenade into the square next to an alien, I can't use my rocket launcher to open a new door into the side of a building or shoot near an alien that I don't have a direct line of sight on.

The corollary to this is what made X-COM a revolutionary game for its time, the ability to blow the crap out of your environment. Putting holes in walls seems pretty hard in this game, although I've done it before with the rocket launcher. The 3-D aspect to maneuver around hills and tall buildings, combined with the ability to blow holes in them, would add a whole new dimension to the game. One of my favorite X-COM tricks was to dig myself a trench in the side of a hill and use it for an impromptu command post.

Just one last thing, a feature that's been sort of standard in real-time games for a while now, I think, and again I'm sorry if I'm beating a dead horse - but the ability to kneel and go prone would be great, not just for accuracy/visibility reasons, but so I can bring more firepower to bear in cramped quarters (one soldier shooting over another kneeling soldier's head).

Great job so far, guys. And a brief postscript, I wrote an addition to the english PMWiki about ground missions. I hope it was what you were looking for!
verfasst am: 07.08.2005, 13:35
Spielsatz Darkage

Registrierdatum: 01.03.2005, 13:47

 Beiträge: 1846
Zitat: Thender
shoot at stuff that isn't an alien body.

try (german- english the same?) strg (fire) and alt (move)

kneel: future

3D: Hard to make, perhaps future
verfasst am: 07.08.2005, 13:38
Registrierdatum: 01.07.2005, 16:56

 Beiträge: 182
strg (german) == ctrl (english)

shift for fire, ctrl for Waypoints, alt for direct movement

(hoffe das ist verständlich...)
verfasst am: 08.08.2005, 02:55
Registrierdatum: 07.08.2005, 04:41

 Beiträge: 2
Thanks guys!

As a non-programmer I have nothing worthwhile to add to the discussion about 3-d, other than that the original XCOM developers did it, and the guys at UFOAI seem to have pulled it off too by using the Quake II engine, so it must be doable - and the benefits are tremendous.
verfasst am: 11.11.2005, 09:10
Hi, I like the game except ground combat missions. They are too often and boring. I would recommend to add an option "Automatic combat" (similarly as in air combat). For example: my researchers currently work on some important thing, which would bring a progress (thus I'm eager for their finish) and suddenly two or three UFOs with weak alliens that my well trained squad will crush without any loss. In this case, I would press "Automatic combat" and focus myself on the development.
verfasst am: 17.11.2005, 22:01
Yes, automatic combat is indispensable.
Main in batle when aliens is 15 and one alien mean 1 casualty and 2 aliens mean man down. And you have 6 men. :-)
verfasst am: 17.11.2005, 22:19
Admin, Spielsatz GalWar

Registrierdatum: 31.08.2005, 21:51

 Beiträge: 5596
The casualty level depends on your equipment as well as the quality of soldiers and tactics. In the last games I played, I usually went with 8 soldiers against 20-30 aliens and there were only about 2-4 soldiers wounded (no dead)when every alien was killed. If I got lucky the aliens never even scratched my soldiers...

Aside from that, an automatic combat (if ever introduced) would have it's price - otherwise you wouldn't have to play any mission at all.
If you think that a ground mission contains to many aliens for your soldiers, simply leave it until you have researched better equipment - as long as you complete some missions every week and shoot down any UFO the few ground missions left alone wouldn't cost you enough points to make a difference. And after some time, the oldest ground missions disappear...
verfasst am: 17.11.2005, 22:22
Admin, Spielsatz GalWar

Registrierdatum: 31.08.2005, 21:51

 Beiträge: 5596
Zitat: BeSoft
They are too often and boring.

If you search the german forums for "tileset" and "map" you'll find severeal links to download new maps to make the missions less identical and boring. One of the mapsets was even added to the official download in the updater
verfasst am: 21.12.2005, 11:38
"simply leave it until you have researched better equipment"
Small problem. if you can´t take any alien artefakt, that you can´t reaserch better weapon.
verfasst am: 21.12.2005, 12:16
Admin, Spielsatz GalWar

Registrierdatum: 31.08.2005, 21:51

 Beiträge: 5596
first, not all of the better weapons need alien artefacts to research.
second, the first missions are often 8 humans against 2-3 aliens and even in later stages of the game you'll find smaller UFOs with those relations. So there should be no problem to get that better alien equipment.

and if you can't win with 12 human soldiers against 2-3 aliens, then the problem is that you use wrong tactics and have to think about ways to surprise the aliens instead of the other way around...
verfasst am: 12.01.2006, 11:45
Registrierdatum: 12.01.2006, 11:45

 Beiträge: 3
Before anything, hi all!

I just wanted to tell that I think it would be great if there were some weather and time related effects.
Like, if the mission is on the Antarctis, then there should be snow, and the movement should cost more points. And in the X-COM games, the night fighting was the best part of the game.
verfasst am: 28.01.2006, 00:23
I love the X-Force game! But here are my ideas for updating the game:

In XCom you could tell your craft to abort the mission. That and the range bands in XCom gave you a better tactical feel.

Medkits would be nice. Something to regain health.

I can live without 3D but the maps all have the same generic look... I like the idea of winter maps for arctic areas, and jungle maps for other areas. Adding a few NPC humans would be interesting... protecting them was a big part of XCom.

Research: I think you should be able to tap into University and Corporate Labs (for a price) and access outside resources.. you could lose the patent rights, but have faster implementation of new items.

Women soldiers? Also the hiring section is restrictive.. you should have access to hundreds of soldiers and volunteers... not just a few here and there.

verfasst am: 29.01.2006, 17:39
Spielsatz Darkage

Registrierdatum: 01.03.2005, 13:47

 Beiträge: 1846
@please look around a bit, almost everything ist answered befor, so short:

to do list:

abort mission
regional maps

not to do ;)
Medkits (at least in "heal my now"- style)
woman soldiers - too much work for almost nothing

hiring: this is wanted Don´t lose to much ;)
verfasst am: 11.04.2006, 18:26
Registrierdatum: 11.04.2006, 18:20

 Beiträge: 1
Please upgrade the groung fighting system. Soldiers can't change a fire mode and they can't change move mode (run,crouch...) and please very please add some maps but only village is too little

execuse my bad english thanks for your insight
verfasst am: 12.04.2006, 17:07
Registrierdatum: 13.04.2005, 16:36

 Beiträge: 618
It would be nice if you build an ego-shooter-like mode in, when you have build in the 3D Combat. In 3-4 years or something like that ;)...
verfasst am: 13.04.2006, 14:36
Spielsatz Darkage

Registrierdatum: 01.03.2005, 13:47

 Beiträge: 1846
Zitat: Pavel
Soldiers can't change a fire mode

They can, depending on Weapon. click the little icons ;)

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