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 X-Force - Fight For Destiny - Forum —› Verbesserungsvorschläge/Ideen —› Port mirroring configuration methods such as Huawei Cisco switches

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verfasst am: 15.05.2018, 10:05
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Port mirroring configuration methods such as Huawei Cisco switchesPort mirroring mirrors the data on one or more ports (VLANs) of a switch to one or more ports. Port mirroring configuration can solve the difficult problem of monitoring all traffic in a widely used switched network. The specific implementation is described below. Huawei Prezzo Basso S5720 36c Ei Ac 10g Switch EthernetOverview of Port Mirroring Configuration Before describing the configuration of port mirroring, let's first look at what port mirroring is configured. Port mirroring is a method of mirroring the data of one or more ports (VLANs) of a switch to one or more ports. .Huawei Olt Slots 96 Pon Ports Mainboard For Huawei Ma5603TSo why do you need port mirroring? Network traffic is usually monitored for deployment of IDS products (needed by network analyzers as well), but there is considerable difficulty in monitoring all traffic in the widely used switching network.Cisco WS X6708 10G 3C Cisco Catalyst 6500 SwitchesTherefore, you need to configure the switch to forward data of one or more ports (VLANs) to a certain port to implement network monitoring.Best Price Huawei Network Switch S3700 28Tp Ei 24S Ac
verfasst am: 17.12.2020, 00:05
Registrierdatum: 13.08.2020, 04:06

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I am going to bookmark this for future updates.
verfasst am: 26.12.2020, 08:27
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