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 X-Force - Fight For Destiny - Forum —› Verbesserungsvorschläge/Ideen —› Disadvantages of power cats

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Disadvantages of power cats
1. The HUAWEI SmartAX OLT MA5800 X15 Next Generation GPON EPON line environment under a meter must not be used to transmit data under the same meter;

2. If the power line adopts a three-phase power supply design, the power cat's role will be severely hampered;

3. There are many inferior products on the market, and there are problems with poor heat dissipation and high noise.

4. Some improper use of behavior or certain environmental factors (such as plugging in a power cat) will greatly reduce the power cat's effectiveness.

Power cat purchase recommendation

In terms of domestic brands, most of the domestic cats, including large-scale TP-Link manufacturers, are relatively backward in the domestic power cats. Although the price of a Gigabit power cat like Tenda is RMB 200, the actual effect is very poor. There is not much difference with the effect of the 100M power cats. Therefore, Xiaobian recommends that you use a foreign brand of electric cats that are well-used in Taobao Hai.

In terms of overseas brands, Xiao Bian recommends that everyone purchase Linksys, TP-Link, and D-Link products listed overseas can also be considered! If small partners are worried that Taobao can easily buy fakes, they can consider buying on Amazon, but they are basically more than 80 US dollars,Huawei FTTB FTTC FTTH GEPON OLT MA5608T Supporting AC And DC Power but also need to bear the freight and taxes, so down may cost almost 900 yuan. In fact, the quality of second hand on Taobao is still good.

How to maximize the performance of a power cat?

As mentioned above, power cats in the improper behavior or in certain environments easily greatly reduce their effectiveness. So, let's talk to everyone about how to make the power cat use its best performance.

1. Try to shorten the distance between the electric cat transmitter and the receiver. After domestic user testing, the farther the distance between the two power cats (emission and reception) is, the lower their performance will be.

2, try not to insert the plug. Because the power cat works with other power adapters when plugged into a row of plugs, the performance of the power cat drops sharply. In particular, ordinary chargers have poor electromagnetic shielding capability, and the electromagnetic waves emitted by them have a great influence on the power cats.

3. If the house is old, the power cat's performance will decline. This is more obvious, we will not be careful, if you encounter such a situation, it is recommended that you replace the old wires;

4. When power cats work, avoid using powerful appliances. Because when you use high-power appliances, high-power appliances can cause instability in the circuit, causing the power cat signal instability.

In fact, so many, the most important thing is to give the power cat a purest and most suitable circuit environment, the Huawei Equipment SmartAX MA5800 X15 Next Generation GPON EPON OLT can play its greatest performance.

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