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 X-Force - Fight For Destiny - Forum —› English - general discussions —› Attempts at new english gamesets?

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verfasst am: 03.05.2006, 12:21
Registrierdatum: 03.05.2006, 10:07

 Beiträge: 12
Just a general question, have any english players had an attempt at making a new gameset in english.

As i've noticed, the editors are all in german. However with some fiddling its not too hard to figure what does what.

If there's no one making an attempt, are there english players interesting in doing so?

I wouldn't mind making a new gameset, with a different approach to weapons and technology then the existing gameset. Ideally i'd like to recreate that old xcom feeling, knowing you're outgunned and underequipped, that anxious feeling as you try to research new weapons.

The main concepts are:
Ammo sharing - Ammo for a Pistol & SMG should be interchangeble, but not with say a Assault Rifle & Sniper Rifle. Different clip sizes would be available, with respective changes in weight. You could load a SMG with a pistol clip, and vice versa.

Ammo Research - New ammunition types should be available ( know the default gameset covers this), i.e teflon coated rounds, HEAT rounds.

Variety of Weapons
Semi Auto High Calibre Pistol (i.e Colt 1911) vs Full Auto Small Calibre Pistol (i.e Glock Model 18) , Light hunting Rifle (i.e M4) vs Carbine (i.e CAR-15) vs Assault Rifle (i.e M16) vs Sniper Rifle (i.e Remington). Convential Weapons vs Laser Weapons vs Plasma Weapons. More Heavy Weapons, like a 'Nade Launcher, a Machine Gun, a Shotgun

Variety of Craft
Initial Craft Should be pretty much bordering on useless, forcing the player to research new (and exciting) craft. Light fighters vs Heavy Gunships vs Armoured Troop Transports

More Patentable Technologies, which are dependent on each other, and open way for more tech trees. I.e Ion Technology, which opens up Plasma Technology, which in turns opens up Fusion Technology.

Improved Facilities. 1x1 square faciltiy, vs 2x2 Square faciltiy
verfasst am: 03.05.2006, 12:37
Admin, Spielsatz GalWar

Registrierdatum: 31.08.2005, 21:51

 Beiträge: 5596
Ammo sharing is not possible with the existing programs - there have been some discussions in german about this, but at the moment the decision is not to enable this.

The rest depends on the gameset - the default was made just to test the program.

There was at least one other player asking for an english gameset, so you might find help in creating one.
But you should wait for the 910 before starting, as Jim told in one of the german posts there have been many changes since version 0.900.
verfasst am: 03.05.2006, 14:31
Registrierdatum: 03.05.2006, 10:07

 Beiträge: 12
Thankyou for the feedback DirkF.

Looks like I'll have to have a look at some of the threads through a german translator.]

I'd assumed that ammo sharing was possible because of the Heavy & Light Ammunitions, which I thought worked for all alien weapons. I've looked through the gamesets carefully and seen that this was incorrect.
verfasst am: 03.05.2006, 14:44
Registrierdatum: 27.04.2006, 08:26

 Beiträge: 6
I'm interested in see/helping with any english gamesets, but as DirkF suggested I was going to wait until the next version was released before doing anything
verfasst am: 04.05.2006, 01:44
Registrierdatum: 03.05.2006, 10:07

 Beiträge: 12
Well I was planning to get the concepts and theme of it done first, whilst waiting for a final version or english version of the editors.

I'm sure there's a fair bit that can be planned, i.e the tech tree and approximate scales and values, without needing to make an actual gameset.
verfasst am: 04.05.2006, 02:27
Registrierdatum: 19.12.2005, 02:08

 Beiträge: 52
There isn't that much to translate in the editor itself afaik, so the translation itself shouldn't be a problem but I don't know how to make a translated version or if possible a translation/language file. Let's see what Jim brings up with the next version.
verfasst am: 04.05.2006, 09:42

Registrierdatum: 23.08.2003, 19:16

 Beiträge: 2261
The good news :)

I begin to create an language file for the gameset-editor and want to public it within next days for translation. But it isn't complete yet. At this moment it contains only Menu-, Buttons- and Label-Captions. Object-Properties and text in Information-Dialogs are not contained. I think this will be added within next weeks.

And it is really much. The language file has 505 lines until now. I think with all translations it would be contains far away from 1000 Lines ... but it's in work :)
verfasst am: 04.05.2006, 19:59
Registrierdatum: 19.12.2005, 02:08

 Beiträge: 52
Looks like I missed out a big part of the editor ;)
or maybe it's just because most words are in there several times

*waiting for the language file going public*
verfasst am: 08.05.2006, 18:33

Registrierdatum: 23.08.2003, 19:16

 Beiträge: 2261
The file is now avaible at but many parts are translated yet :)
verfasst am: 09.05.2006, 07:27
Registrierdatum: 03.05.2006, 10:07

 Beiträge: 12

I have a question regarding people working on the english translations, how many of them speak english as the first language?

I've noticed that alot of the english translations seem to have awkward or unnatural sentences. I was wondering whether you needed someone who's a native english speaker (I'm an Australian) to polish things up and correct mistakes/grammar, especially in the gameset. The existing versions could use a fair bit, but I don't know if there'd be any point to it if the new version will be ready soon. I'd of course be prepared to help with the new version.
verfasst am: 09.05.2006, 09:19 · Edited by: Jim_Raynor

Registrierdatum: 23.08.2003, 19:16

 Beiträge: 2261
Zitat: BloodMagus
I have a question regarding people working on the english translations

Zitat: BloodMagus
how many of them speak english as the first language?
none ;) We are all germans...

Feel free to correct the files and send it to me
verfasst am: 09.05.2006, 14:46
Registrierdatum: 03.05.2006, 10:07

 Beiträge: 12
I'll download the current version dats and correct them, and then send them back to you. Shouldn't take too long, and I'll try to keep track of my changes.

When you've got the version .91 dat files translated, i'll correct all of them.

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