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 X-Force - Fight For Destiny - Forum —› English - general discussions —› Aliens Ekonomy

Autor Mitteilung
verfasst am: 04.11.2005, 22:53
May be that songs madles, but..
Can aliens have economy?
Why we must kill evrything what we see and they flight more and more..
In real war when i kill many units, they go back. Improved they economy and back again stronger.

May be little economy can help to better game. Game type there you have canon and fire, enemis are unlimited, are boring very early.
verfasst am: 04.11.2005, 23:31
Admin, Spielsatz GalWar

Registrierdatum: 31.08.2005, 21:51

 Beiträge: 5596
no, that is all depending on the gameset.
since the program itself isn't even complete all gamesets are more or less for testing purposes.

as of now there's no control about the number of ufos appearing or even a game target to win. A gameset creator can only change the type and power of the average ufos appearing at a given time, nothing else.

it is planned to make other scripting commands avaible to gameset creators (and create an official story for the game), but that will take some time since there are still some major concepts of the game not yet properly programmed...
verfasst am: 10.11.2005, 18:50
hmm it is planned to make other scripting commands avaible to gameset creators..
But will have aliens ekonomy, or all will be depend only on game sets as 10 ufos a week, first atak 1.7 in count 8 aliens, atc.

Will be feedback with plazer´s game style and ekonomy or not?

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