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 X-Force - Fight For Destiny - Forum —› English - general discussions —› X-Force RoadMap?

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verfasst am: 20.10.2005, 20:06
Registrierdatum: 16.10.2005, 17:03

 Beiträge: 3
I haven't found so far a RoadMap for version 1.0 for X-Force, so I'm suposing there isn't one.

I think it would be great if we could create one, so everyone could better concentrate their efforts so we can finish the 1 major version of X-Force.

Besides not having a RoadMap, X-Force have been great so far... but this is essencial any software developed by many people.

To make a RoadMap, first we need to make a list of all features we need at 1.0, to be able to call x-force a "complete" game. Of couse we can make lots of other things after, but we need to ask the creators which are or were their goals for x-force, and try to meet all those requirements. (as far as i know a remake of X-Com UE and TFTD).

With a list of all major features we need, we can organize them in minor versions.

In most points x-force already remade most of features of X-Com, even exceded, creating many new features. But there is still some points that need to be worked on. These come in my mind now:

- New Graphics for monsters
- New Sounds
- More Maps
- Alien Space Ships on crash sites
- an End for default GameSet

I think people that are in the project for a longer time can help me out to extend this list... but as you can see some os these don't need the developers, like in the graphics. This is one point we can help out to support this great game. If you can't work on graphics, maybe you have a friend that does. So let's try to get some people to help out x-force to become even greater than it already is :]

So do you have any other sugestions on things that still need to work on in x-force?
verfasst am: 25.11.2005, 03:38
I played the game and really enjoyed it. The one feature which I think could make it even better is multi-player. So you can establish a base and you can choose to co-operate with the other base. Or you could be hostile. The person winning will be the one who has the most support after a year or so.
verfasst am: 25.11.2005, 07:37 · Edited by: DirkF
Admin, Spielsatz GalWar

Registrierdatum: 31.08.2005, 21:51

 Beiträge: 5596
There's a some sort of a Roadmap, it just isn't public.
Zitat: SpEkA
- More Maps
- Alien Space Ships on crash sites

No Problem if someone would make them - the maps aren't integral to the game and the editors for them are avaible to anyone.
Look through the german forums - in the last month or so there were many new maps created...

@oren: sorry, multiplayer is almost impossible to make for a game like XForce.
There has been a diskussion about that idea in the german part of the forum and the result was that it can't be done before Version 2 or 3, if it's possible at all.
The problem is the game balancing - the idea looks nice at first glance, but if you try to combine it with the concept of XForce you'll see one problem after another.
First the aliens are balanced with time against avaible research - very difficult to balance against different research advancements of different XF-Players in a single game.
Second the Research is initiatet by alien equipment - the player with more luck (or who shoots down the enemy before the transporters could collect equipment from aliens) would automatically win, and that would be decided very early in the game...
verfasst am: 12.12.2005, 17:31
for multiplayer maps and increasing alien difficulty.. just make a new variable for a multiplayer game and store the total of all player technologies in there and divide it by the number of human players in the game (it should kind of average out?) and base alien toughness on that?

make an option for human multiplayers to infiltrate eachothers bases or be able to steal eachothers technology or even make spies in the various countries and have them steal technologies and offer to sell them to players that do not have them? (country relations could also change because of this?)

another idea could be to have a very tough alien opponent in a multiplayer game that is able to send alien crafts to ALL the players (so then no player is left out for recovering the valuable first pieces of technology)

also if you make the multiplayer alien opponent very tough, it will kind of force the players to cooperate?

i dont know how hard it will be to keep track of all that data (seems like a lot of data.. what with weapons, characters, projects etc etc etc) maybe you can update the data every 30 minutes of game time or something? (so you dont have to constantly update it?) umm... anyway just trying to help.. i dont care about no multiplayer as long as the AI is decent and a few more aliens..

what graphics format u use for the characters? are they simple models or just 2D sprites?
verfasst am: 12.12.2005, 18:46
Admin, Spielsatz GalWar

Registrierdatum: 31.08.2005, 21:51

 Beiträge: 5596
there are ways to balance everything, but if you need to tweak the formulas then you have to restrict the abilites of the gamesets.
And while everything listed above could be done, it will require a major effort in programming since there's no code to do this.

And all this doesn't even take into account the neccessary network-handling which is a total class of it's own - synchronising different computers, checking data against corruption (either due to network traffic or cheating) and so on.

Let's talk about this after we have a stable Version 1.0 with everything working - anything before that time (while even the functions in singleplayer are continuously changing) is useless...

And even then I wouldn't start with multiplayer immediatly but first try to include a AI-Controlled second Organisation like XForce to check the game balance before working in network coding...

Zitat: sub
i dont care about no multiplayer as long as the AI is decent and a few more aliens..

The AI isn't very good at the moment, but that will change before long - in some future versions the AI will be handled by scripting, allowing the gameset-creator to take direkt control of the aliens.

And the number of aliens is dependent on the gameset - mine ("Der galaktische Krieg") already has more than 75 Aliens...
(OK, some are updated variants of artificial creatures, but there are about 10-15 different types for each of the four races...)

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