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 X-Force - Fight For Destiny - Forum —› English - general discussions —› New story/gameset and Globe chnges

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verfasst am: 15.03.2012, 14:18
Registrierdatum: 18.08.2008, 22:51

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Hallo all,
I deal with the idea of ​​a new gameset and I have a few questions:
1. It is possible to replace the texture of Globe map to texture of starry sky map with a script and vice versa, during the game, or this texture is already integrated in the core XForce?
2. Can the Globe be replaced by another (asymmetric) object?
3. Is it possible to move the clock forward and backward (to the future and the past) with scripting?
4. Can I use a script to delete an already researched project or move it back to small value (90% to 50%, even at 0%)?
5. Which of the components of X-FORCE (917a03) will be drastically change?

The idea is some such (I'm working on it for over 20 years):
In 25,000 BC reach the Earth spaceship with aliens. Their civilization due to rapid technological progress very nearly destroyed the entire universe (Big Bang?). Therefore devised a plan to recover his race again, but also to preserve life in the universe. The country is one of the last bastions where there is life, but soon will also be destroyed and the star in its vicinity (Sun), approximately in the 25th century. Therefore it is necessary to cross with the local population as well as possible to accelerate progress in technology, but to be selected by "bad" genes, which longs for self-destruction, or the enslavement of their species (inhabitants of the Earth, the universe) and "dirty" technology (that humanity learned from their mistakes) That may be a problem ...
The story begins in the late twentieth century, but our hero through dreams and other techniques to get to the future and the past, where he discovers that every 7000 years humanity is subjected to final test. If fails this test, so there is flood the world and everything is repeated with minor changes, including his life. He discovers that he is closer than you originally thought and also learns that his fate had been predestined before the ages of 10 more (for the tenth time will Big Bang repeat, if something does not do otherwise). Will he break the prophecy, or the Big Bang inevitable, because he lives in a closed loop?

- combat
- Search for objects and "old" hi-tech technologies
- Psychological tests
- Interviews
60% of the missions will take place in dreams, which in themselves are directly or indirectly establish
40% of the missions will be in our reality.
In the dream will take you to other worlds (dimensions), or the spacecraft, but also visit places such as Eden, Atlantis, Ancient Egypt, Roman Empire atd. You will meet with the Aztecs, Celts, and you'll chat with their shamans, or to return a little back into the past'll chat with Albert Einstein, Nikolai Tesla, Plato and other eminent personalities.

- Physics - elements: earth, fire, water and air - 2401 projects
- Metaphysics - Faith (esotericism, magic, telepathy, telekinesis, etc.), fate (coincidence, karma), The Book of Life (hi-tech in the form of riddles - fable or an allegory on the technology) - 147 projects
- Research techniques - analytical, expressive, random selection, selection of specific samples, etc.
In the end, however, will be more projects (124,852 possible combinations), because the projects will overlap. This "dimension effect" will behave the same thing that examined a second time (several times), but other techniques and other skills, will either different or the same result, depending on whether the correct technique was used to explore. This also brings me to the fact that not "all roads lead to Rome" ... most of them will lead to destruction (development of dirty technologies) and will need to really think about which technologies are worth to explore and examine how ever, and which not. Even the "dirty" technologies may lead to the goal, but the long term, but is not unlimited.
It also introduced "Forgetting" of unused projects, so you have to use some things reappear, alone or added to the questionnaire, depending on what you remember during the game. If your answer is wrong, so this bug will "inherit" in other projects, so at the end you can "accidentally" discover something entirely different than you had planned and progress in research and by 1000%, or vice versa stop at a standstill.

Sometimes special mission will be available both depending on your playing, as well as on computer time, so every game will be original. However, after some time playing caa 15 years of playing time this chance you can already guess, but not quite pinpoint example. on Friday 13 90% of your happiness, but the eighth each month becomes something that affects your decision, sometimes less, sometimes more, but always a major decision, etc..
Coincidence and karma will see exactly specified. chaos theory and the theory of the tree of life.

Normal: combat missions and search for objects
heavy: the search for hi-tech and research-physics
very heavy: psychological tests, interviews and research metaphysics
It will depend a lot on every player, but in general I can say that learned practices from other games do not. Rather, they can be a bad thing, is not always necessary to think logically and commit learned "mistakes". Also psychology will play a big role, eg N.Tesla you just at the first meeting does not even hand, let alone to give you a brand new guide to cheap energy from the air, which was invented ...

Game time:
alpha - 2 years in dreams and 8 years in life
beta - 85 years in dreams and 425years in life
full - 997 years, which is based on a total good time playing XD

Alpha - Winter 2012 - I expect that the gross skeleton Alpha version will be ready later this year.
Full - 2017 - Personally, I guess this whole 5 years of hard work. The vast majority of texts and some pictures, although it is done, so it's just sift through, edit, and copy the UFO-Pedi and complete the necessary parameters. Unpleasant thing is that they are only in Czech, so the translation will probably lag a lot ... The scripts prefer not to mention XD
verfasst am: 16.03.2012, 12:51
Registrierdatum: 22.08.2008, 15:51

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The concept sounds quiet intresting and the story is kinda unique.

Regarding your questions:
1) Yes, it's possible during any time of the game.
2) I don't think so, there is at least no script command to do that.
3) You can set the game time via scripting to every value you like.
4 & 5) I can only make some guesses, you better wait for an answer from the developers.

Good luck with your project!
verfasst am: 16.03.2012, 17:02
Registrierdatum: 18.08.2008, 22:51

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Hi Kreks ,
thank you for your responding and I wish you good luck with WW. Now I doing translated to the czech ;-)

My story is essentially composed of several stories or resources, if you want. This is a Russian, Chinse, Japan, Greek (KRAKEN, PEGAS, ect.), Celtic and indians myths, biblical texts, archaeological finds from around the world and part of my own research. The story is unique only different composition of the current knowledge about us and our history, but individual stories are not unique. The whole story is built on story, which I think really happened. The condition to find out the real truth is this: look at things from a distance, from other angles and think in more dimensions (levels) simultaneously. This view dimensional perception, will be applied to research in the game. This efect makes the game interesting, but also to much much more difficult. I want to hold the line in this story as long as possible. Just for completeness: live in one dream 27 years or more, or learn something there and then bring it into reality is not problem. In the our reality this option uses the most eminent scientists and pioneers of new technologies, but let's go back to my questions...

1a) if it is possible to change the texture, it is possible to change the location and layout of cities states?
1b) can reduce or completely erase States view the output (revenue from the states and their popularity)?
verfasst am: 17.03.2012, 12:29
Registrierdatum: 22.08.2008, 15:51

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It's currently not possible to make some changes to the cities, but I'm sure that this feature will come some day. You can make only make some minor changes to the states, but popularity and budget is possible.
It just occured to me that you might need the script commands. It's a good idea to have the reference at hand, but I've just seen, that it is not translated yet, but the built in help of the script editor is very good.
country_api_changeconfident(index, confident); //relativ change
  country_api_ChangeConfidenceAbs(index, confident); //absolute change
  country_api_ChangeBudget(index, budget);
If you let run the following code, you get the indexnumbers of the countries.
procedure StartMission;
  countrynames : string;
  i : longint;
  countrynames := '';
  for i:=0 to country_api_GetCountryCount-1 do begin
    countrynames := countrynames + IntToStr(i) + ' ' + country_api_getCountryByIndex(i).Name + #13#10;

verfasst am: 17.03.2012, 15:44
Registrierdatum: 18.08.2008, 22:51

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thanks, for your help... I was not looking to script yet, because it si all in Pascal, the language of my generation (I do programing in it, especialy database), so I think with that I will not have problems ... but I must first get oriented in API wich is used tehere, so that for any thing I have already solved like (procedures), surely you know yourself, from your own experience:-D it's a long process, especially in the larger project
verfasst am: 19.03.2012, 02:36 · Edited by: mazil
Registrierdatum: 18.08.2008, 22:51

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AI behavior and chance in gameset Perseus:
(it's a small tip to improve its FX and AI)
I have already mentioned this in the context of dimensional perception. One (simple) algorithm is useless. The ultimate simulation environment to be spherical and incredibly many behavioral patterns / plans (trillions of algorithms). But to write so many different algorithms are "somewhat" tedious, so we have to go from the end...

I will not explain it at length (mathematically) because it would take much time. Just get it somewhere near the pond try. You will understand the principle. On a completely calm surface you lay a piece of wood and then you throw a stone into the water. First, far from the wood, then closer and finally close to it. The result can then attempt to see that distant events affect the flying wood. The closer these events take place, the steeper is the response. The first reaction is "escape" from an event that seeks to disrupt the equilibrium. Depending on how far is the wood from the shore (from deadlock), followed by a counterattack, which is headed by approximately half the power (only defense). However, if the wood is almost at the bank and has no where to go to "escape", so not such defense is not half, but it goes into the attack and almost double strength (everything in life comes back at least twice) ... waves reflected from the shore and so give the floating wood energy they had acquired "escape" (addition of forces - waves).

The same thing you tried on the pond to try at home. Pour water into a cup and leave the tap open so that it dripped slowly to the center cup of water. What effect will falling drops in both cases? Both of these attempts to compare. Is it the same, or in any case is something else? Again, it's just a reaction to the event, but now you see that everything is happening much faster and that small space tends to accelerate things and increase action (bring everything back to equilibrium faster and more vigorously). It happens exponentially, but logarithmic.

The same effective, or rather self-preservation have all things, including my AI (used to be shy animals without further modification). It is thus a basic pattern of AI, which will build on. But I I would not want the AI ​​attacked and fled only from compulsion, but rather to deliberately attacked, rounded and dangerous places invaded by the enemy back, and it planted a trap from which there is no escape, it waited in the shade of a tree for an opportunity to burn blow from a backup etc.

AI usually attacks every game ever, and therefore it loses (either due to lack of resources, or through research, which makes the opponent) ... The attacker always dies first (his genes, or the influence of "dying out" as the first) ... "Who runs away, so he wins" (Czech saying). In fact, winer is, who first gets to defend (attention, it is not passivity).

This method can be simulated quite well in a bowl, or in a circle. The square is a problem. This is not a circle. The edges of the map against the AI ​​in this algorithm may behave differently than in a circle (untested). Anyway, for realistic AI behavior is necessary to observe the symmetry of the map. Map must then be as large as the width, and at length, as a circle. The reason is that the "coincidence" is applied as missions spiral (chaos theory), which depends on the position where the unit cost. One slight change to the AI does not have nearly no effect, but if more of these small changes and determine the response to AI. AI is always responds to stimuli, but very sophisticated method. We only need a few basic patterns of behavior (ten), which will be linked to each other (two on ten on PI), which is approximately 2,000,000,000 different plans which AI will be available at the start of each game. AI will have karma and will act in its view. During the game, then extends (AI will be learn). The AI will be possible to agree on a common research (friendship), but also fight against it. It will not be easy because the AI will learn from its mistakes and from errors players. However, during those 997 years, this situation may change several times (the AI ​​will not forget).

My vision is:
At the start of the game will be generates the primary behavior

Karma and destiny:
As I have indicated, the AI is quite similar to humans. AI chooses one option, and then will proceed in its view. But this instructions may change. As the AI will play (by karma), then will create their own destiny. It will then be linked to karma. So at the begining AI was rather passive and peaceful, so at the end can be very aggressive and hostile. So again it depends on the reactions of players.

Patterns of behavior:
AI is composed of three basic parts (body, soul and spirit).
The body contains the basic algorithm of the action / reaction (survival instinct).
Soul includes 10 different patterns of behavior (reaction AI):
1 - protection (defensive, hide in houses or in the shade of trees, fire reciprocates)
2 - sensitivity to the reactions (only self-preservation)
3 - high intelligence (AI calculates will be alternatives and choose the best possible)
4 - Originality (AI will be react differently, as it did not respond)
5 - speed (response, troops and movement of AI research will increase by 25%, recalculated to reduce the situation)
6 - choose the optimal variant of the attack/defense (calculates variations and then selects any where success will be greater than 84%)
7 - strength (strong unit will cover the weaker, the research gives priority to the development of weapons from other technologies)
8 - patience, experience (wait for the enemy and then strike, comparing the situation with the database, it will be more to learn from your mistakes)
9 - attack, high courage (to risk, will not cover units, choose the path of a massive invasion of the planet)
10 - wants to survive (surrenders, the body will not be possible to dissect, but instead will be aliens to work (to be completed scientists, engineers, soldiers), speed research aliens technology will increase logarithmically depending on how many aliens live (scientists) working. Like technicians will also toimu (increased production) and soldiers (they better learn telepathy, they increase intelligence). it should be noted that not all aliens will understand everything, but the basic control some things he knows each of them. there will be counted even sabotaging factor . Aliens will be able to attack your base from the inside, or "accidentally" shoot to friendly troops)

For AI just only two patterns of behavior (attack/defense), but it would be too monotonous. It's "only" 77 different options/reactions. I know, for some it can be much, but good AI requires more (beter code + learning).

The Spirit is merger of body and soul. AI in it chooses how it will respond. Whether or listen to the body, mind, or both. If both, so you can search for AI in its memory (in database), the situation that occurred in the past and whether it succeeded. If you failed, so the AI ​​selects the next method. This is done even when the AI has failed in the past (there could cause an accident). Experience factor will determine whether the AI has learned enough. If so, choose another option.

memory is divided into long and short and instincts ...
- Short-term memory is used in the actual mission. Recorded searching the area where the unit can no longer find players. Recorded to the success of the last ten missions (fear factor).
- Long-term memory will record the mission, which is repeated over 10 times. It will contain a plan used, the number of opponents (small, medium, large group) and the outcome of the fight as a percentage. The missions, which were repeated 20 times is recorded and how the player responded, hiding where, whether to use the same / similar weapons (strength) and exactly how many opponents.
- Instincts extend behavior patterns. They will be written in the exact procedure for winning the mission, where 10 times repeated the same environment, same equipment, soldiers, soldiers and the same number of reactions player (attack on the plane, in the house, etc.)

Forgetting AI:
With each reaktion, including aerial/ground combat, is erased one of the ten oldest data in the database that were used (information about the mission, a single figure in the mission). The same applies to research that is cleared by 1% (if it allows the script). After one hundred years, also clears diplomacy.

At the beginning of each mission is generated AI behavior (see above). It will be divided into two parts. The overall behavior of the AI and the behavior of individual units. It also generates random behavior for all units in the mission (also for the players)

Maps will be 100x100, which will be composed of smaller maps (10x10).
These numbers apply to minimap 0-99 (randomly). Each minimap will be assigned a number (1-10). The whole map is still overlaid numbers 0-9. This will generate the numbers 1-9 for each field on the map. Realistically achieved by random reactions and existence of unforeseeable circumstances. Depending on the environment will also be a change in behavior. On the open plain AI will react differently than in the city or in dense forest (that the predominant number of the minimap).

The field where the unit is decided how the unit will behave (primarily). The number in this numeric map is equivalent to the style of behavior with regard to self-preservation. AI can then determine which of the eight default paths can be or remain standing on the same place.

These numbers also are used for coincidence and conflict with the enemy. The algorithm is constructed so that no one knows in advance who will win ... or who is the attacker and who is the defender. Feel it may happen that the AI will kill you "bare" hands just because you do not have a good day or if you stuck a gun ... In short, if everything is against you, rather it is better to withdraw.
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gameset addon 2042 (Perseus) - czech only - pic=3153&page=0&anchor=1 I did not have much time, and the project fell into oblivion, but now I will do again ...

Website: (version 0.0.1 - czech only)
verfasst am: 24.03.2017, 14:27 · Edited by: mazil
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