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verfasst am: 13.12.2011, 21:44
Registrierdatum: 27.11.2011, 18:08

 Beiträge: 20
Thanks, the setting could be useful.
I have got only one problem in Blender and that are textures, after I open my project, all previously used textures are not visible. Can I reload them in some way?
I was looking on your website with your graphics work and I was amazed. Did you made all in Blender?
verfasst am: 14.12.2011, 16:12 · Edited by: JohnS

Registrierdatum: 06.03.2005, 16:04

 Beiträge: 460
Sure you use Textured-View and not Solid-View ?
I think Blender Version 2.60a is an Alpha. Try Version 2.57 or 2.58 and check textures are visible. Unzipped Version works, so you can test it.
Best way at beginner is only use blender-intern generated textures, or load directly images from a file-path. (Do not change the path, after save the *.blend-file)

No, I use Cinema4D, it's easier for me and pics faster generated. Textures, Colors, all the great things easy to deploy, but Cinema4D is commerical. Blender-Version < 2.50 are useless for me, the workflow are to complicated and i needed 3-5 times longer for the same result as in Cinema4D.
Look at Cinema-Youtube Video or other vids.

Keep in mind, model and texture things that you can see in pic, details of hidden objects are useless (execpt you need also the back-view from model). Use things like array, mirror to speed up your work. Tiny pics -> low detail in model - huge big pic -> more details needed for a close view. Make a test-render in needed resolution to find out the level of detail is needed. (I prefer to use double resolution, or testrender at 800x600 - 1024x768)

great-site tutorial + inspiration
cg-tutorials Tab - Tutorials Blender or Cinema4D
verfasst am: 19.12.2011, 08:27
Registrierdatum: 27.11.2011, 18:08

 Beiträge: 20
I was switching to textured and solid, trying to solve this in menu >Display by changing Textured solid...but I think a found the problem in my last project - after a loaded Image as a texture a set "pack into the blend file" and problem was solved.
I am now downloading Cinema4D, I will try it on your recomandation. I saw the video and materials look easier to work with them, only the size is bigger as I can see.
verfasst am: 19.12.2011, 17:31

Registrierdatum: 06.03.2005, 16:04

 Beiträge: 460
Example includes xforce_tech1_2x2, ground_tiles, ground_tile_1x1.

In xforce_tech1 switch with Key F4 to Render-View for X-Force, Key F1 to Edit-View.
With the tiny red dots you can change the visible, then turn to grey or green. Upper dot-View, lower-Render.

you can quick make ground-tiles using ground-tile_1x1. doubleclick on the material lower on the screen, and change noise, bump, color whatever you want and render.

ground_tiles generate an image 5x5 groundtiles use to make ground-brigdes gras->sand ... tiles must separate manuell.


Ignore Material-Misses ... missing materials are black rendered. you can easy reassign you own material.

Good Luck and Have Fun.
verfasst am: 23.12.2011, 14:16
Registrierdatum: 27.11.2011, 18:08

 Beiträge: 20
Fmm, maybe I will try Cinema4D later, I can do the textures in Photoshop and 3D objects in Blender, because as I found there are a lot of differences in Cinema4D in comparism with Blender. I cannot spend any more time by learning new things, because I will give up the creating of gameset and that I dont want.
So thanks for the time, I will continue making gameset. Now it isnt playable, only with one map and very short storyline.
verfasst am: 27.12.2011, 14:50 · Edited by: Painkiller347
Registrierdatum: 27.11.2011, 18:08

 Beiträge: 20
Preview of my actual work...I am still making new things to make interresting maps. A lot of thanks to JohnS for perfect Blender "preset", it is very useful and saved a lot of time.
verfasst am: 27.12.2011, 21:58

Registrierdatum: 06.03.2005, 16:04

 Beiträge: 460
Very Nice Work !
Looks Interesting :)
verfasst am: 31.12.2011, 11:30
Registrierdatum: 27.11.2011, 18:08

 Beiträge: 20
Another objects were created for the Gameset, but I will not shown them here, because I want to make players surprised what they can find and not make them knowing every tile I used in gameset. So I will not explore more.

I played the Diary of William Walker, I was choosing one of 3 technology factories, awaiting some amazing maps that differs from others but I was frustrated that etc. map of Trinity base looked the same as normal village. (And there was a mistake - not enough spawn points, so I looked on the map in editor and there I was frustrated) Otherwise the gameset was interresting, but I stop playing while I reached this mistake.
verfasst am: 02.01.2012, 17:08
Registrierdatum: 27.11.2011, 18:08

 Beiträge: 20
A little problem occured while testing scripts.
In script where I create ground mission I am using Unit 'util_stats'
When there are more ground missions on the map there is problem that util_stats is running more times in one ground mission.

I think that each runned script create one util_stats and each sript uses all util_stats created.
For Example 3 ground missions on the map, while I play on of them it showns after soldier name 3x soldier stats(from util_stats - upgrade of previous util_stamina)
If there is only one ground mission on the earth all works perfect.

Should I use another type of script util_stamina than Unit? Or can It be solved any other way?
verfasst am: 08.01.2012, 23:50
Registrierdatum: 27.11.2011, 18:08

 Beiträge: 20
Another preview of my work.
After I will made the maps I need for the gameset, I will start scripting and finishing the story, complete last two technologies and then the first release will I post here :)

(I have not enough time, because I must getting prepared for maturita exam, I have only 4 months before the exam. So work will go slow, maybe slower than now, but I want to make that finished.)
verfasst am: 04.06.2012, 17:10
Registrierdatum: 27.11.2011, 18:08

 Beiträge: 20
Ok, maturita was fine and a passed the exam. Now I can maybe continue, if I find some time, but there are a lot of things to solve complicated life.
verfasst am: 05.06.2012, 16:45
Admin, Spielsatz GalWar

Registrierdatum: 31.08.2005, 21:51

 Beiträge: 5596
we all have or had real-life-time problems, dont worry about that.

The preview of the mapset looks good, it's different than the ones already available. You might give some thoughts about wether or not you will allow them to be used in other gamesets...

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