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 X-Force - Fight For Destiny - Forum —› English - general discussions —› vista 32-bit

Autor Mitteilung
verfasst am: 07.09.2007, 18:52
Registrierdatum: 31.08.2007, 20:28

 Beiträge: 5
silly question time.

is this compatible with win vista 32-bit? hopefully should get my hands on it soon.

(a long frustrating story)
verfasst am: 07.09.2007, 19:38
Admin, Spielsatz GalWar

Registrierdatum: 31.08.2005, 21:51

 Beiträge: 5596
some report that there are problems with DX10.
completely untested by the team.
verfasst am: 07.09.2007, 19:48
Registrierdatum: 16.07.2007, 16:03

 Beiträge: 86
I'm using Vista 32-Bit (Home Premium Edition)
i have no trouble running X-Force.
verfasst am: 12.09.2007, 21:12
Registrierdatum: 31.08.2007, 20:28

 Beiträge: 5
tried it last night.

it runs... under window mode it downgrades from aero to something else until you shutdown the program (no big problem!)

under both modes... it tells you it's looking for some "old" directx file that's no longer used by vista...

but hey.. it works.. at least it loads the geoscape for me! (1st time i've seen it live)
verfasst am: 19.06.2008, 12:05
Registrierdatum: 19.06.2008, 12:04

 Beiträge: 6
I'm using Vista Business 32bit and have experienced no problems, aero did not disable while the program ran.
verfasst am: 28.06.2008, 17:51
Registrierdatum: 26.06.2008, 13:42

 Beiträge: 648
I'm using Vista Ultimate 64bit and no problems, only the D3DRM.dll is missing... the game is runnig without a problem

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