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 X-Force - Fight For Destiny - Forum —› English - general discussions —› After update to alpha5 910

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verfasst am: 28.03.2007, 15:44 · Edited by: Polaris
Registrierdatum: 19.09.2005, 03:07

 Beiträge: 28
long time i haven't been here and sorry for that.

Well i have a question, i have updated the game via online update system and when i start it i got that:

Why are there some missing string?
thanks for help...
I go back to translation this will soon have his french translation :) but no more time for graphics :(.
verfasst am: 28.03.2007, 17:38
Admin, Spielsatz GalWar

Registrierdatum: 31.08.2005, 21:51

 Beiträge: 5596
This error means that some newly added translation strings are missing in the language files. Unfortunately we didn't get all language files updated in time :-(

However this does not pose a problem to gaming since the program will default to german for those strings.

@DaFranker: I haven't got the new language files yet, what's the status? Could you send me the most recent ones even if they're not finished?

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