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 X-Force - Fight For Destiny - Forum —› English - general discussions —› New tips

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verfasst am: 04.12.2006, 09:06
Registrierdatum: 30.11.2006, 10:20

 Beiträge: 2
I have some tips for X-force:

1-Some types of shields for the Soldiers.One shield give protection from laser type weapon,one type from plasma type weapon,etc.
The shield can be placed instead of belts.

2-1 new carrier:Mothership
Can be added five weapons on them and can be transported 40 soldiers.

3-Shield for Cityes
Can be builded on cityes shield to protect the city from alien attack.

4-Turrets can be builded anywhere on the earth.Just one single turret.
verfasst am: 04.12.2006, 10:38
Registrierdatum: 12.06.2005, 11:08

 Beiträge: 465
1) There are armor items for the soldiers
2) as far as I know is that a little bit difficult
3) build an Outpost on an City and build a shield in this outpost^^
4) you can build Outposts as Gun batteries with many many Gun/Rocket/Laser/what ever turrets
verfasst am: 04.12.2006, 12:18
Admin, Spielsatz GalWar

Registrierdatum: 31.08.2005, 21:51

 Beiträge: 5596
Zitat: Tomi
One shield give protection from laser type weapon,one type from plasma type weapon,etc.

There had been a discussion about different armor types a while ago and the result was not to implement different armors against lasers, projectiles and so on.
One of the reasons against this was that it would need a lot of work from the programmer as well as the gameset creator and would only result in a forced micromanagement on the player, who would have to change the armor of his units depending on the enemy he planned to fight.
Zitat: Tomi
1 new carrier:Mothership
Can be added five weapons on them and can be transported 40 soldiers.

While the question of adding ships with more weapon slots is not yet decided there will never be ships with 40 soldiers.
The current maximum for a transporter is 16 units. Some gamesets that exist doesn't even use this maximum but set the number of soldiers per mission lower.
A while ago there was a discussion to even reduce this maximum of 16 soldiers, but it was kept because the gameset creators could simply keep the number lower.
To increase the maximum number of soldiers would be a lot of work (the gamescreen doesn't have the space for 40 soldier icons) and result in an entirely different type of game where one soldier isn't important anymore.
verfasst am: 04.12.2006, 16:45
Registrierdatum: 08.08.2005, 02:29

 Beiträge: 119
Why do you want 40 soldiers on a ground mission ?? You would need 120-200 Aliens for that mission too.

Mosttimes at my missions i use 4-6 Soldiers. Dont forget you control a Commando Unit not an Army.
verfasst am: 06.04.2007, 15:23 · Edited by: WolfLeader
Registrierdatum: 06.04.2007, 14:46

 Beiträge: 8
Maybe what we need instead of 40 soldiers are medkits and/or combat medic soldiers?
verfasst am: 06.04.2007, 16:04
Spielsatz Alliances

Registrierdatum: 14.07.2004, 14:47

 Beiträge: 1185
We thought about something like that. medkits -> no; medics -> maybe when the combat is chanced, but not now..
verfasst am: 06.04.2007, 23:34
Admin, Spielsatz GalWar

Registrierdatum: 31.08.2005, 21:51

 Beiträge: 5596
There are two sides to the problem of medkits.

Most of the time it was discussed if they are realistic or not (a wound that needs days of hospital care cured in seconds by a device??), but the real problem is the gameplay function of medkits: Their only reason is to allow for longer missions against stronger enemies, and they allow a player to correct wrong tactical decisions.

The first is a problem with balancing, while the second allows a player to simply overpower an alien position instead of needing to outthink the better equipped aliens.

That aside - there are a few plans that may allow a gameset creator to include devices simulating medkits by scripting, because similiar script functions are neccessary to produce special mission-items.
verfasst am: 09.04.2007, 22:05 · Edited by: WolfLeader
Registrierdatum: 06.04.2007, 14:46

 Beiträge: 8
Aliens have medkits... how else do they survive being shot down, and always come up at 100% health? ;)

Seriously - a medic should be able to heal 10% or 25% of an injured person (through pain killer injections, adreneline boosts, bandaging burns or wounds, etc).

Having a combat medicic is a tactical choice - take the sniper with high accuracy and heavy weapons OR take your medic with lower accuracy, and single-hand weapons (UZI).

verfasst am: 13.07.2007, 21:29
Registrierdatum: 13.07.2007, 10:57

 Beiträge: 5
Id just like to second my agreement with the above.
Correctly balanced combat medic units are just as tactical as other units.

Purhapes, however, an easier coding solution would be some "medical equipment" that can be carried, but its massively heavy so it effectively makes the unit useless for other stuff. (also, later, it could require a special skill to use it).
verfasst am: 13.07.2007, 22:22
Admin, Spielsatz GalWar

Registrierdatum: 31.08.2005, 21:51

 Beiträge: 5596
We will use a different approach to this that will allow a lot of things, but only to scripters.

You will get equipment that simply activates a script set by the gameset creator, and that script might do anything from simply opening a door on the map to changing values on targeted units (Medkit, Weapons, combat drugs and so on) and simulating some psionic effects.
Most of those scripting commands and the script-item we need anyway and if a gamesetcreator wants a medkit he might create one in this way.

To make equipment classes that do all this without scripts is much more work - we might do this for things that are important, but I don't think that we'll create medkit-items when it will be easy to make them by scripts.

Zitat: Darkflame
also, later, it could require a special skill to use it

We won't go to special skills, but the units can gain spezialisations that allow them to use other equipment based on the classification concept. There's a german description about the classifications in the Wiki, but it hasn't been translated to english yet - and it isn't up to date since some different planning modified those descriptions...

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