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 X-Force - Fight For Destiny - Forum —› English - general discussions —› Better support for non-german

Autor Mitteilung
verfasst am: 20.10.2005, 18:14
Registrierdatum: 16.10.2005, 17:03

 Beiträge: 3
First, I'm new here. Just find out about x-force for like 2 weeks now. But I have some experience in internet games, and I've been seeing Xenocide and FreeOrion projects for more than a year. And I can say I'm REALLY amazed how much you guys developed, and I was wodering how i didn't find this project before. So far the only problem I found so far is that the project is german-based... this makes things a very dificult for everyone in the world...

For example, like me lot's of people would like to support x-force. I know a lot of delphi, but trying to understand a code that all variables and comments are in a language u can't understand is tough.

But ok, i could help in other areas, like gamesets, graphics and transting.

I think changing the source code, to make possible for non-german to help isn't something feasible... but if developers could at least make language files for the tools, it would be easier and feasible to me and lot other help the project in other areas.

BTW, I'm translating the game for Brazilian Portuguese. I think i need to send Jim a message...

Just my 2cents...
verfasst am: 20.10.2005, 18:58
Registrierdatum: 03.01.2005, 16:26

 Beiträge: 12
Sorry, my english is bad.

I think soo too. In my eyes its unprofessional to write german code, and i think to its better to write code in english.

verfasst am: 20.10.2005, 21:39
Registrierdatum: 19.09.2005, 03:07

 Beiträge: 28
Hello Speka!

Well happy to see that the game pleased you!
see this topic and you will know more about the state of game at the present time: pic=1270

I also on translation for french country!
I have also done some graphics!
Would be cool you do the same for the programming things you should contact Jim!

About translation you can go there:

Well happy you land on X-Force site!
see you :)
verfasst am: 20.10.2005, 22:00
Registrierdatum: 16.10.2005, 17:03

 Beiträge: 3
I already know the current state... I've seen 0.900... like i've said, I'm quite impressed with the progress of X-Force.

The reason i posted this and my other post about RoadMap, is because of the Jim post about not sure about the future, and taking too long for the betas, and so on... And also cause this non-german forum is just too quiet :D

I think we non-german guys can do more for x-force. But we need to organize ouselves and a small hand from Jim :)
verfasst am: 20.10.2005, 22:09
Registrierdatum: 19.09.2005, 03:07

 Beiträge: 28
Ok Speka

I am not a programmer but do some draw, but my goal for now is to have a complete french language set for the game and maybe like this some french people will join the project (i hope so)!
Anyway if you feel you need someone i would be happy to help you in non-german forum!

see you!

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