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 X-Force - Fight For Destiny - Forum —› Verbesserungsvorschläge/Ideen —› Huawei eU1910 telephone exchange available from stock

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Huawei eU1910 telephone exchange available from stockHuawei eSpace U1910 (hereinafter referred to as U1910) is a small-capacity switching device of Huawei's IP Telephony solution. It provides professional IP voice solutions for enterprises within 100 users.Es3500 24 10 100 1000M 24 Port Gigabit Ethernet SwitchThe product adopts a pure SIP soft-switching core, with high integration and wide and narrow band integrated design. It supports local analog user access, and uses an IP bearer network to simulate remote access to analog subscribers via the analog subscriber access gateway IAD.The S3700 Series Enterprise Core Switch Huawei S3700 28Tp Pwr SiAccess to IP telephony users enables a hybrid networking of analog and IP telephony; and connection to PSTN or private network voice switching equipment through digital or analog trunking and broadband SIP trunking.IP Dslam Huawei MA5616 128 Ports And 256 Ports Mini MSANThe device emphasizes reliability design, supports 1+1 backup configuration of AC or DC power supplies, and supports the rapid start of unified network management and visualization tools. U1910 effectively improves the efficiency of enterprise deployment and communication, and helps increase the value of the company.huawei WIFI GPON MA5675M wireless ONU 4GE 8POTS WIFI

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