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 X-Force - Fight For Destiny - Forum —› Verbesserungsvorschläge/Ideen —› 304 stainless steel high pressure intermediate frequency elbow

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verfasst am: 23.08.2017, 05:03
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304 stainless steel high pressure intermediate frequency elbow304 high-pressure pipe bending process should be qualified by a third party inspection institutions to witness; processing technology requirements should be straight pipe at each end, straight pipe length should generally not be smaller than the pipe diameter.Proveedor 201 hoja de acero inoxidable espejo de oroLarge caliber pipe is an important part of oil and gas long pipeline, long pipeline through many complex terrain, poor weather conditions, therefore, in the pipeline laying need to use a large number of large diameter elbow. Hot simmer 304 stainless steel high pressure elbow its production process is the scope of thermal expansion.Alibaba China Supplier 410 Stainless Steel SheetThe process is like this: straight pipe is cut through the elbow push machine in the steel pipe to be bent part of the induction coil, with mechanical arm to hold the head, in the induction loop into the intermediate frequency current heating pipe, when the steel pipe temperature When it is raised to the plastic state, the steel pipe is pushed forward by mechanical thrust at the rear end of the steel pipe, and the steel pipe part is quickly bent and cooled by the coolant, so that it is heated and pushed forward and bent, Bend out.stainless steel strip supplier , Stainless Steel Metal Products For SaleCold simmer big bend refers to the machine at room temperature to rely on the machine to simmer bend, the advantage is not need heating equipment, the tube is not sand, easy to operate.China stainless steel sheets suppliers

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