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Shengguo Group President Assistant Chen Dagong that the value is the real needs of consumers, the elephant does not fight the price war, only to play the value of war, companies will find ways to continue to enrich the value of the interests of consumers. In his view, although some mature wood flooring business has been from the "price war" or "functional war" in the quagmire out,certainteed restoration fence panels cost per panels
but easy to fall into the homogenization of the plight of the service, so the elephant to take the lead in launching the floor industry services Innovation, armed with technology companies, with more quality services to occupy more markets. At the same time, the statue of 278 floor workers through professional training by the Ministry of Construction.UK deck wholesale
Housing Industry Promotion Center, China Forest Products Industry Association, China Engineering Construction Association of the three major ministries jointly issued the "wooden floor pavement engineering technical regulations "Post technical certificate, is the first batch of qualified professional certification of workers,wpc decking board Spain

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