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 X-Force - Fight For Destiny - Forum —› English - general discussions —› About windowed mode... How to run?

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verfasst am: 24.01.2006, 11:15 · Edited by: snike
Registrierdatum: 24.01.2006, 10:59

 Beiträge: 8
Firstly, sorry for my bad English - I'am Ukrainian and don't know it well yet :(

I would like to ask how run X-Force 0.903 in windowed mode under windows2000 directX9.0c ? When I"am trying to do this game is runs, but it starts in decreased mode and don't want to opens :( (see screenshot)
In full screen mode all normal, but there is need to tun in window...
Can anybody help with this problem?

Video system is Radeon 9200 (not SE series) with catalyst 5.5
verfasst am: 26.01.2006, 10:19
Registrierdatum: 12.01.2006, 11:45

 Beiträge: 3
Do you have the secondary display on?
It is possible that the game window is displayed there (for me at least with a Radeon 9600)
verfasst am: 02.02.2006, 18:42 · Edited by: snike
Registrierdatum: 24.01.2006, 10:59

 Beiträge: 8
Hmmm. Yes, it's enabled. But I haven't found, how to disable secondary display :-/ Can you advice?
verfasst am: 02.02.2006, 21:27
Admin, Spielsatz GalWar

Registrierdatum: 31.08.2005, 21:51

 Beiträge: 5596
Theoretically that is in the display-Options. But probably that won't help, since I've seen that Error with the XForce-Editor even if Windows has disabled the second display.

But there's a workaround: right-click the tab of the window in the taskbar and then choose the option to move the window.
When you activate the move function in this way instead of simply dragging a window, you can move it with the cursor keys even if it's outside the monitor boundary.

You'll have to test which direction key will move the window into the monitor, but thats easy...
verfasst am: 03.02.2006, 08:23 · Edited by: snike
Registrierdatum: 24.01.2006, 10:59

 Beiträge: 8
Yes, that's it! :) All of the options about disabling secondary adapter are inactive in my system, but moving window helped :) Thanks.
verfasst am: 06.02.2006, 11:07

Registrierdatum: 23.08.2003, 19:16

 Beiträge: 2261
Hi, the Problem is, that I develop with two monitors and moving sometimes the windows on second screen. And delphi save this always ... I will looking for it. But now you have an Workaround. Thanks Dirk.
verfasst am: 07.02.2006, 15:08
Registrierdatum: 24.01.2006, 10:59

 Beiträge: 8
This is not a big problem - to move window, but if it will be fixed in future versions it will be great :)

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