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verfasst am: 21.12.2005, 12:07
will be only game generator which make mission and ship, or you give world some time?

Do in UFO something new, not only copy UFO2.

Fact1: Earth fight with aliens.
Fact2: Only x-com can safe Earth.
Fact3: Aliens atak on all countries
Fact4: In real world every country have army.
Fact5: In future all of them will have profesional army.

X-com isn´t one whu fight with UFO, that number of atak enemy should be nearly in start and end game. But in start with alien fight mainly earth´s army. In end will be Earth´s army tired-out and the main fight take x-com with new weapons.

From programator:
Is 3 econymy:
-x-com (in start they die, when tried take some weapons and equipment, later is one to one when x-com use alien weapons, at the end win x-com, when have x-com weapons and equipment)
-UFO (have more back up)
-Earth (fight with alien, wins, but have havy damege in his row, slovly regenerate his row and train them in own bases)

You want reality? This is one.

PS: Pls translate it to german version and give it to german forum.
verfasst am: 21.12.2005, 17:06
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Registrierdatum: 25.08.2003, 20:44

 Beiträge: 207
I think XForce is already beyond just being a XCom Clone.

I agree that currently XForce is merely a mission generator and not very exciting ,but is is not anywhere near a final version yet.

Also a story is in development for over a year now,wich already has some intriguing and fresh aspects compared to what you usually get in most games.
Along with that there are some new gameplay elements planned wich should make for a even more convincing picture of the ingame world.

The feeling of the game will benefit a lot as we implement the necessary gameplay elements and artwork, but all that takes quite some time.

Its good though to see that people are interested in the game and keep making sugestions.

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