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 X-Force - Fight For Destiny - Forum —› Grafik —› Can you still play the old-school RuneScape?

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verfasst am: 18.01.2021, 09:19
Registrierdatum: 15.01.2021, 10:50

 Beiträge: 3
Some players still don't know the actual situation of Old School RuneScape. The current Old School RuneScape is very stable and supports simultaneous playback on mobile and computer. OSRS Gold is still a very important currency, and Old School RuneScape is still very successful.

Since the mobile version of Old School RuneScape was released, more players started to download the game. Players choose to buy OSRS Gold, which can be exchanged or supplied in the game. Up to now, Old School RuneScape is still very successful.

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